How To Turn Off Find My iPhone

The Find My iPhone function is an excellent way to keep your iPhone from being lost or stolen because it allows you to find and lock your iPhone even if you aren’t carrying it with you. For example, when Find My iPhone is enabled, you may view your device’s location on a map. You may also use it to share your whereabouts with others or play a sound on your lost iPhone to help you find it.

To use Find My iPhone, activate the service and use a computer or another device to locate, reset, or lock your missing iPhone. If you’re selling or giving away your iPhone, you should first switch off Find My iPhone. If the previous owner’s Find My iPhone feature is still enabled when the following user receives their used iPhone, it can be pretty inconvenient.

The Activation Lock

If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is ever lost or stolen, Find My iPhone contains an Activation Lock function that prevents anyone else from using it. When you enable Find My iPhone, Activation Lock is activated immediately.

Before you restore a backup or give or sell your device, you must disable Activation Lock by turning off Find My iPhone.

You may disable Find my iPhone via the iPhone’s Settings app, the Find my iPhone app or

How to Turn-off Find My iPhone from Your iPhone

If you still have your cellphone in hand, it’s straightforward to turn off Find My iPhone. Of course, if you’re selling or giving away your iPhone, you’ll need to do a few extra things to protect your data.

• Launch the Settings app.

• Tap your name at the top of the screen.

• Select iCloud.

• Scroll down and tap Find my iPhone. • Turn off Enter your Apple ID Password and locate my iPhone. Send Last Location will be disabled by default.

How Do I Turn off Find My iPhone in the Find My iPhone App?

If you don’t have your smartphone, you can use a Mac or another iOS device to locate it using the Find My iPhone app. When you turn off Find My iPhone from this app, your device is erased. If you merely want to disable Find My iPhone without wiping your device, follow the instructions to disable the feature from Settings instead. To disable Find My iPhone from the app, follow these steps:

• Launch the Find My iPhone application.

• Select the device to be erased.

• Select Actions. • Select Erase iPhone.

Turn off Find My iPhone from

If you no longer have your iPhone and don’t have a Mac or another iOS device but still want to sign your old device out of Find My Phone, you can do so at Keep in mind that this will not only sign your smartphone out of Find My iPhone but will also delete all of its settings and data, reverting it to factory settings and preparing it for its new owner. Before beginning this process, make sure you’ve backed up all your data and settings!

• Sign in using your Apple ID and password to If your device is protected by two-factor authentication, you must also input the six-digit number sent to you by Apple.

• Select the Find iPhone option.

• You’ll be asked to enter your password once more; Apple works hard to keep your devices secure!

• From the top of your screen, use the All Devices menu, select the device you want to disable Find my iPhone.

• Select Erase iPhone, then Remove from Account.

If you obtain a new iPhone, don’t forget to reactivate Find My iPhone if you ever need to find it!

When I sign out of iCloud, does Find My iPhone turn off?

You don’t need to disable “Find My iPhone” on your iPhone if you’ve already logged off iCloud on your iPhone beforehand. When you log out of iCloud on an iPhone, all iCloud capabilities, including “Find My iPhone,” are turned off.

To log out of iCloud on your iPhone, follow these steps:

1. Select “Settings” and then tap your name.

2. Scroll to the bottom and click “Sign Out.”

3. Enter your Apple ID password when requested, then press “Turn Off.” With this step, you will turn off “Find My iPhone” on your smartphone and a notification will be sent to your Apple ID email account.

4. A new window will then appear, asking if you wish to keep a duplicate of your data on this iPhone. Toggle the options for which you want to maintain a copy. Any additional data or documents in the iCloud drive that you do not enable will be deleted from this iPhone, and they will remain accessible in your iCloud.

5. On your iPhone, tap “Sign Out” to turn off iCloud, and then tap “Sign Out” again to confirm this action.


If your iPhone or any Apple device is misplaced, we urge that you use the Find My function. However, if you need to deactivate the feature, you can use one of these two approaches.

When purchasing refurbished iPhones from Swappie, you can be confident that the previous owner’s Find My iPhone feature has been disabled. When selling your old iPhone to Swappie, make sure you have switched off Find My iPhone.

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