2 Ways To Screenshot on iPhone 11

Apple has restored the proper screenshot function to the latest iPhone 11 models. Those who are used to doing it on older phones, on the other hand, may find the process to be a little different. There are notable differences between each iPhone 11 variation distinguishing them from another.

While the iPhone 11 models differ in minor ways, the same cannot be said for taking screenshots, as all iPhone 11 models use the same technique. Previous models necessitated simultaneously tapping the middle home button and the power button in the upper right corner.

That changed with the iPhone 6 when the power button was moved to the side; however, the iPhone’s centre home button still required two hands to activate. Because of the noticeable absence of the physical home button in recent models, such as the iPhone 11, the process of collecting screenshots, including activating Siri, has been slightly adjusted once more.

Adjusting to the new screenshot combination may be a needless inconvenience for some, but at least it can be triggered with just one hand. According to Apple’s support, the iPhone 11’s screenshot capability allows users to examine and edit the captured photographs immediately.

Users can also activate it with a single push of a digital button by remapping the Assistive Touch button feature on the iPhone 11 to the screenshot function.

How to Take a Screenshot on an iPhone 11

The ability to take screenshots or record in an image what is on the screen at that exact instant on your Apple iPhone 11 is a crucial feature in today’s mobile phone or tablet.

Some applications can do this function, but thankfully, you do not need to install more apps because it is built into the iOS 13 operating system.

You can save that WhatsApp conversation, Tinder profile, Instagram story, Facebook image, or video to your Apple device when you take a screenshot.

The first method to make a screenshot in iPhone 11

To take a screenshot on your Apple iPhone 11, follow these simple steps:

1- First step: First, we’ll go to the screen where you want to take a screenshot of your Apple iPhone 11, whether it’s a web page, chat, or application.

2- Second step: In your Apple iPhone 11, simultaneously press the power and volume up buttons. Quickly depress both buttons.

Ways to to screenshot on iphone 11

3- Third Step: Images captured will be shrunk and displayed for a few seconds in the lower-left corner of your iPhone 11 screen; if you want to share or edit the capture, just click on the thumbnail before it disappears. The thumbnail can be ignored if you do not wish to use the screenshot at this time. You can continue to use the device and take other screenshots.

4- Fourth step: If you click on the image, the snapshot editor appears so you can edit it, cut it, draw on it, erase it, add arrows, circles, a comment bubble, use the magnifying glass, add text, or sign it.

5- Fifth step: Once you’ve completed editing the capture, tap “OK” to store it in your iPhone 11’s photo gallery. It will ask you to save the screenshot in the photo gallery or delete it.

6- Sixth step: If you wish to send the capture, tap the share button, choose the app where you would like to share it, and then press “OK.” You will be asked whether you wish to save or delete the capture.

The second method to make a screenshot in iPhone 11

1- Open your Apple and navigate to the screen you wish to capture.

2- Click “Capture” in the notification bar. 3- The taken image will be displayed with the option to alter it; with this editor, you may cut it, draw on it, erase it, add arrows, circles, remark bubbles, use the magnifying glass or add text.

Once you’ve completed saving it in your Apple photo gallery, select “OK” to confirm whether you want to save it in the photo gallery or remove it. If you want to send the capture, click the share button, choose the app to share it with, and then click “OK” to indicate whether you want to save or delete the capture.

How can I capture a full-page photo with my Apple iPhone 11?

As a first step in capturing a complete webpage on the iPhone 11, you should first know that this approach only works with Apple’s Safari browser, so open the page to which you want to perform the entire capture with a scroll in Safari.

  • When you take a screenshot, a thumbnail will appear in the lower-left corner of the Apple iPhone 11 screen.
  • To edit the screenshot, click on the thumbnail. You will notice the text “Full page” appears at the top right.
  • Click on it to see the full screenshot and the scroll on the right of the screen.

If you click on the arrow icon in the upper right corner of the screen, you can now make notes, draw on the capture, crop, rotate, and share the screenshot. Click “Done” to save the image to your photo gallery.

How to Modify a Screenshot On iPhone 11

After you’ve taken your screenshot and tapped on it, crop it by dragging on any of the bold lines on its outline. There are eight of these, one in each corner and one in the centre of each side of the screenshot. If you cropped the screenshot, you could reverse your changes by tapping the Undo button at the top of the screen. You may also finish editing by tapping Done.

In addition to cropping the snapshot, you may mark it up by selecting one of the pen or pencil tools at the bottom of the screen. There’s also a Plus button in the bottom-left corner, which opens a sub-menu with further editing possibilities.

You can use these to add text, your signature, or highlight boxes. Again, tap Undo at any point to undo the last edit, or redo if you change your mind. To conclude, press the Done button.

How to Share Your Screenshots

To share your screenshot, hit the Share icon in the upper-right corner of the screen (the icon appears as a square with an arrow pointing out of it).

This will display a variety of sharing and storing choices. At the top, you can browse horizontally through a list of apps that can be used to share the screenshot, such as Mail, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Twitter.

A vertical array of additional options, including Print, Save to Files, Add to Shared Album, and Create Watch Face, can be found beneath the app options (if you have an Apple Watch).

Tap on the option you want and follow the on-screen instructions, which differ depending on the selection. For example, if you’re sharing the screenshot over WhatsApp, you’ll need to select a contact and then hit Next.

Where can I find my screenshots?

You can generally find your screenshot under Photos after you’ve taken it. You can either navigate to Albums > Recents or Albums > Screenshots. If you selected to Save to Files after taking a screenshot, you’d find it on your Home screen in Files (or in your App Library).

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