How to See Who Liked Your Playlist On Spotify

Although Spotify is a music app, it offers other social features, allowing users to see who likes their playlist. If you want to know who liked your playlist, you have come to the right place. Let’s get started.

Most times, we don’t just listen to music for listening’s sake; we tend to personalize the songs we listen to by creating a playlist. One music player that takes playlists to an entirely new level is Spotify.

Spotify allows us not just to listen to an endless list of songs from around the world, but it also allows us to customize and match songs into our playlist.

Creating your playlist is like having your music mix online; it is a social media stream that allows people to find and like it. It can also serve as a platform for your upcoming artists to gain followers.

Why Is It Important to See Who Likes Your Playlist

So many reasons why it is important to see who likes your Spotify playlist. 

For starters, it is important for music creators, professionals, and DJs who want to build an online presence. With a strong Spotify following, you might be able to build a following.

You can find out how many people are following your Spotify playlist by going to your Spotify account and opening your playlist account. The playlist’s title will show the “like/follower” count. 

While you will be able to see how many people can see your profile, that’s about it; you will not be able to see the individuals that liked the playlist. 

And if you are yet to gain a single follower, it will show the creator’s name.

Another way to find your likes or followers is to go to your account page depending on the medium, whether you are using a web browser, mobile app, or pc. If you are using a mobile app, it categorizes likes as “likes” whole desktop view categorizes it as followers, so whether likes or followers, they mean the same thing.

Can You See Who Likes Your Spotify Playlist?

While you can see the number of likes, that’s as much data as you can see; you will not be able to assess your playlist followers. So, go to your Spotify app, and open your library playlist to see the number of followers under the playlist title.

For further information on your followers, click on your username in the Spotify desktop app. You will be taken to your profile; here, you will see them for “overview,” “following,” and “followers.” 

Pick the  “Followers” tab to see your list. You can also do this with your mobile device; the only difference is, instead of tapping your profile username, go to the gear icon located at the top right corner of your screen and tap the “View Profile” option. From here, tap “Followers” to see all your current fans. 

As I stated earlier, this tool will only allow you to see who is following your Spotify account; it will still not allow you to see which follower is following your playlist. This has not always been so; users of Spotify could see who was following their playlists before 2013, when it was changed.

So the closest way to seeing who is following your playlist on Spotify is to analyze the people following your account.

Note: There is no guarantee that the number of your followers will amount to a playlist following, but it gives you a broad overview of the type of people who will appreciate your choice of music.

How To Improve Audience Engagement 

If you are trying to improve your audience engagement, start by comparing your profile’s total number of followers with the number of followers/likes on each playlist.  If you have a significant number of followers overall, but a new playlist has low likes, this could be a sign that you might lose your target audience.

Why Do I Need This Information 

If you are hoping to boost your career as a musician or DJ, this insight will give you an overview of your Spotify profile. However, since Spotify is different from other social media platforms, you will not be getting detailed information.

To broaden your scope, you should promote your playlist on other social media platforms where you can get detailed insight.

Here’s a way to create a marketing campaign on Instagram or Facebook. Try promoting the playlist of your choice. See who likes and engages the posts, and compare it with the number of new followers you get on your playlist.

Again, you will not get an accurate view of who is following your playlists, but you will get inept information about the kind of people attracted to your content.

Spotify is great for listening to music, and it gets better when you explore other options like playlists to build followings. The information above will help you monitor and evaluate your Spotify playlist following.

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