6 Ways to Set Chrome As Default Browser

The Google Chrome Browser, released in 2008, is the most widely used web browser today. Google Chrome is a fast online browser that allows you to pull tabs out into independent windows, among other features. It’s also pretty basic and straightforward to use.

As soon as you click on a Web page, a link, or a document, your default web browser launches.

Windows, for example, comes with Microsoft Edge as the default browser. Because of the delayed load time, using such a browser regularly may cost you a minute or two of your valuable time. Perhaps Microsoft has painstakingly recreated the browser based on the Chromium project, putting Google Chrome to shame.

However, features such as Google Account password and bookmark sync, extension support, cross-device migration, and others continue to make Chrome the preferred browser over competitors. Changing the default browser settings to Google Chrome is required if you want to continue browsing on Chrome.

Before making Chrome your default browser, you must first install the Google Chrome browser on your computer or phone. You can get the Chrome app for your phone from the app or play store or via Google’s website if you’re using a desktop or laptop. Google Chrome is pre-installed on the majority of Android phones.

1. How to set Chrome as your default browser on Windows 10

Setting Google Chrome as your default browser in Windows 10 is a simple process. This can be changed to a lower value than the default app setting.

To make Google Chrome the default browser software on Windows 10, follow the steps below:

1. On your computer, click the Start menu.

2. Navigate to the Options menu and select Settings.

3. Go to the Apps tab.

4. From the sidebar pane, open your Default apps.

5. Click your current browser at the bottom, under Web browser.

Choose Google Chrome from the Choose an app menu.

7. Press the Done command button.

On Windows 10 systems, this will make Google Chrome your default browser.

Please keep in mind that different Windows 10 may require different steps. On one version, clicking System takes you to Default apps, while clicking Apps takes you to Default apps on another.

Alternatively, you can use the Windows search to find ‘default apps’ and navigate the Default apps settings page.

2. How to make Chrome your default browser on earlier windows versions

The procedures for making Google Chrome your default browser varies slightly depending on whether you’re running Windows 8 or 7. There have been numerous version updates that have improved the Windows operating system over time, and it has significantly altered the navigation UI and settings choices.

To make Chrome your default browser on Windows 8 and Windows 7, follow these steps:

1. Open the Start menu.

2. Navigate to the Control Panel.

3. Select Programs.

4. Select Default Programs, followed by Set Default Programs.

5. Choose the Google Chrome software from the list on the left.

6. Select the Set this software as the default option.

7. Click the OK button to finish.

All Windows 8 and previous app settings are accessed through the control panel. You will need to use the control panel to designate an app as a default, just as you will need to use it to uninstall an app.

3. How to make Chrome the default browser on your Mac

While some people believe that MacOS is difficult to use, choosing Google Chrome as your default browser is as easy as four steps. They are as follows:

1. Launch the Google Chrome software on your Mac.

2. Click the More Options tab in the upper right corner.

3. From the list, select the Settings menu.

4. Click Make default in the Default browser section.

Whereas Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are the default browsers for Windows, Mac OS users have Safari as their default browser.

You can also change Chrome’s default browser from the System Preferences menu.

1. On your desktop, hover your mouse over Apple.

2. Select the System Preferences menu option.

3. Select the General settings option.

4. In the General settings window, select Google Chrome as the Default web browser app.

5. Finally, close the General Options box.

That’s all; Google Chrome will now be set as the default web browser software on the Mac OS computer.

4. How to make Chrome your default browser on Unity OS

The People’s Republic of China commissioned the Unity Operating System to replace foreign operating systems such as Microsoft Windows. It has advantages such as being extremely resistant to computer viruses.

To make Google Chrome your default browser if you run the Unity operating system, take these steps:

1. In the launcher, click the dash button and search for ‘System details.’

2. Navigate to the Default Applications section in System Info Settings.

3. Select a value from the selection list next to the Web column.

4. Select Google Chrome, and it will be set as your system’s default web browser.

The default browser in Unity is usually Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

5. How to make Chrome your default browser on Android Phones

Making Google Chrome your default browser on your Android phone is also simple. It comes pre-installed on most Android phones and is usually set as the default. Some customized stock Android UIs, such as MIUI, ColorOS, LineageOS, and others, use their browser as a default.

Follow these instructions to make Chrome your default browser on Android:

1. Go to Settings on your Android phone.

2. Select the Apps and Notifications menu.

3. Navigate to the Advanced tab menu.

4. Select the Default applications tab.

5. To access the choices, open the Browser app menu.

6. Choose Chrome from the available options.

In addition, when you open a link, your Android phone may present you with browser options to choose from. To make Google Chrome your default browser, select Always instead of Just once.

Google Chrome is pre-installed on the majority, if not all, Android phones. Suppose your phone does not already have Google Chrome installed; download and install it from the Google Play store before proceeding with the steps above.

6. How to set Chrome as the default browser for iPhone/iPad

The most recent iOS 14 update includes making any installed web browser the default browser app in iOS. Previously, the Safari browser had a stranglehold on the iPhone and iPad.

Here are the steps to make Chrome your iPhone/default iPad’s browser:

1. Open the iOS Settings app.

2. Scroll down and click Safari to get the App Settings screen.

3. Select the Default Browser App option from the menu.

4. Select the Chrome app from the list of browsers available.

On iOS devices or iPad, this will make the Google Chrome app the default browser program.

You may also make the Chrome app available in the Dock. Tap and hold the Chrome app until it begins to jiggle. It is possible to make a Chrome app permanent by dragging it to the Dock pane at the bottom of your screen and releasing it.

If there is no more space on Docker, uninstall any program you no longer require.

It’s worth noting that the Google Chrome app is available for free on the iOS app store.

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