5 Ways To Exit Full Screen on Chromebook

Fullscreen mode is a better option to view things in a much wider size. This function is included in several common browsers, including Google Chrome, to improve the surfing and watching experience.

Anyone who has used their Chromebook in fullscreen mode knows how inconvenient it is to switch between tabs. The Tab bar is inaccessible in fullscreen mode unless this feature is enabled. This feature essentially adds an auto-hide feature to the tab bar, allowing it to be present only when you need it.

This article will demonstrate various methods for exiting the full-screen mode on a Chromebook.

How to Exit Full-Screen mode on a Chromebook Using the Full-Screen Keyboard Button

There are numerous ways to disable full-screen mode. However, the first is the simplest. A full-screen button is available on all Chromebooks.

It’s near the top of the unique key rows on your Chromebook keyboard. 

Toggle between full screen and normal mode by pressing it. You now have the simplest solution for exiting the full screen on Chromebook.

How to Change from Full Screen to Normal Mode Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Whether it’s your first machine or you’re a seasoned pro. You’ll notice that every laptop model offers some keyboard shortcuts for various functions. Similarly, if the first way does not work, there are various alternatives you can try.

Use the ESC key to exit. We’re all familiar with the Esc key, and it’s in the top left corner of your Chromebook. The second simple solution to ‘how to exit the full screen on Chromebook?’ is to use the escape key.

Aside from that, you may use the function keys to switch between full-screen and normal mode. The F4 key can be used to transition to a smaller screen.

Finally, you may compare all of the apps that are currently operating. Consider it as a gallery view. Hit the F5 key again to get back to the main screen.

How to Get Out of Full-Screen Mode Making Use of the F11 Key

It’s not like looking for a golden fossil to figure out how to escape the full screen on a Chromebook. Despite popular belief, it is not that tough.

Then there’s the F11 route. Function keys in Windows are relatively straightforward. But first, let’s look at them in the context of Chromebooks.

The F11 key’s toggling feature also works flawlessly with Chromebooks. F11 is another option to try if you’re in full-screen mode.

On Chromebook, however, there is no F11 key. That’s when the trick comes into play. To exit full-screen mode, press the Search and + keys simultaneously.

Chromebooks are typically devoid of standard function keys. However, you can enable the option to have the top row operate like Windows’ function keys.

How To Exit Full Screen On Chromebook Using The Touchpad

Assume that none of the methods worked for you. What would you do in this situation? When dealing with machines, nothing is ever lost. To expose the taskbar and title bar, move your pointer to the top of the screen. Select the Maximize button from the title bar.

And that is how a cursor can be used to exit a full-screen mode on a Chromebook.

How to Exit Full-Screen mode on a Chromebook – The Efficient Workaround

Computer geeks adore shortcuts. And if you ask someone how to exit the full screen on a Chromebook, they will tell you this three-step process.

To change the full-screen resolution on your Chromebook, use the following keys:

• To zoom in, press Ctrl + Shift + +.

• To zoom out, use Ctrl + Shift + –.

It’s worth noting that the shortcuts mentioned above function on any screen, whether it’s the standard desktop or a chrome window.

Magnification of the Screen in a Chrome Window

When asked how to exit the full screen on a Chromebook, there are many options. This solution, however, will only work in a Chrome window, and when you close the window, the original size is restored.

To scale things up, press Ctrl+ +, and to minimize them, click Ctrl+ –. This is similar to the prior procedure, and however, only the Shift key is incorrect.

Above are some seriously excellent Chromebook shortcuts. Full-screen mode is useful when you need to concentrate on a task or magnify anything for a better view. However, many users have problems exiting it.

Thus, we’ve compiled a list of common shortcuts for “exiting full screen on Chromebook.” As you can see, there are several options, and you can try them all until you find the one that’s most comfortable for you.

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