3 Ways to Change Keyboard Language on Android

Knowing how to change the keyboard language on an Android device is helpful, especially if you speak various languages or simply want to fully customize your on-screen input method. Whatever you want to say about Android, its customization choices are precisely what set its devices apart from Apple’s.

Because of its customizable interface, you cannot only personalize your keyboard to be more productive using writing-assistant apps like Grammarly Keyboard. But you can also download multiple themes to make your keyboard fit your taste.

However, bear in mind that each Android smartphone is unique, so the steps may alter based on brand, model, and release year.

If you wish to alter the language of your Android keyboard, the basic Gboard keyboard that comes with your smartphone or tablet supports over 500 languages. You can add as many input languages as you wish and effortlessly switch between them.

This article will show you how to add and change the keyboard language from English to Spanish on your Android smartphone or tablet. However, the methods for changing to any language, including Chinese, German, Arabic, or Hindu, are the same.

We’ve provided a step-by-step walkthrough of the entire procedure, including customizing your keyboard and adding new languages to your setup, below.

How to Install a different keyboard

1. Open Google Play Store app on your Android phone/tab.

2. After the app has launched, enter “keyboard” into the search field. Depending on your customization needs and preferences, you are free to choose any of the apps listed below.

In this case, we went with Google’s Gboard keyboard program, which supports a wide range of languages.

3. Once you’ve decided on the new keyboard app, choose “Install.”

4. Once the program has been installed, tap “Open” to begin using it.

5. When the keyboard app launches, it should prompt you to go to the Settings menu to enable it.

There is no need to close the app and manually navigate to the needed part because the app should do so automatically.

6. In the “Manage keyboards” area, you should be able to see both your active keyboards and the one you just installed.

For it to be turned on, move the slider to the right.

7. Your Android smartphone may now alert you that the input method you have chosen may “collect every text you write, including personal data such as passwords and credit card numbers.” If you intend to continue, press the “OK” button.

8. You should now be transported back to your preferred keyboard app. You may be asked to tap “Done.”

9. You should now be able to text in any language you desire on your freshly installed keyboard.

How to change the keyboard language on Android Devices

Before you may change the language of your Android keyboard, you must first add a new language to Gboard:

1. Go to your Android’s settings.

2. Select “System” from the options menu.

3. In the “System” menu, click on “Languages & input“.

4. Select “Virtual keyboard” under Keyboards in the “Languages & input” menu.

5. Select “Gboard” from the “Virtual keyboard” menu.

6. Select “Languages” from the “Gboard” menu.

7. Tap the “ADD KEYBOARD” button at the bottom of the language menu to add a new language keyboard.

8. Select the language you want to add.

9. Choose the keyboard display you like, then modify the other language options before tapping “Done.”

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to switch between keyboards in any program where you type quickly: Simply hit and hold the spacebar, then choose the keyboard language from the pop-up menu that appears.

If you’d instead switch keyboard languages the same way, you switch to the emoji keyboard, be aware that you can only have one set on at a time. So, if you want to switch between keyboard language in that manner, you won’t be able to see the emoji keyboard any longer.

If emojis aren’t vital to you, here’s how to change your settings:

• Press and hold the comma in the lower-left corner of your keyboard.

• Click the small settings symbol that appears directly above where you are pushing.

• Select “Preferences” from the “Gboard Settings” menu.

• Toggle “Show language switch key” to the position in the “Preferences” menu.

Remember that if it’s greyed out, it’s because you can’t have the emoji switch key visible and toggle that one off to set the other on.

How to switch between languages on my keyboard

• Select Control Panel from the Start menu.

• Choose Change keyboard or other input methods from Clock, Language, and Region.

• Select Change keyboards from the Region and Language dialogue box.

• Select the Language Bar tab in the Text Services and Input Languages dialogue box.

How to change the language of the keyboard on a Samsung

Changing the Language of the Keyboard

• Press the Menu button on the home screen.

• Select Settings.

• Select My Device.

• Scroll to the bottom and select Language and Input.

Change Keyboard Language on Android

• Select the Settings icon next to Samsung Keyboard.

• Select Input Languages.

How to Change Keyboard Language on Android

• Select the languages you want to utilize.

• Select OK.

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