How To Screen Record Facetime With Sound

FaceTime is one of the most secure and end-to-end encrypted video call service platforms, allowing you to search for people using email addresses and phone numbers. Many of us wish to record the valuable moments on video chats that we want to remember later.

Knowing how to record a FaceTime call may be very useful, whether it’s a moment with your loved ones that you’d like to remember and enjoy for the rest of your life or some crucial instructions for accomplishing a specific activity.

However, iOS does not provide a native option for recording a FaceTime call with sound/audio on your iPhone. On the other hand, macOS allows you to record a FaceTime call with just a few clicks.

Fortunately, you can still record FaceTime calls with sound on your iPhone, but you must link it to a Macbook to be successful. It is preferable to record it directly from your Macbook if you are logged in with the same Apple ID on both devices. Because recording on an iPhone is essentially the same as recording on a Mac with a few more steps.

However, if you don’t have your macOS system and still want to record a FaceTime call with your iPhone, the latter option can be helpful.

People may desire to record an interview for commercial purposes on FaceTime for reasons other than personal. FaceTime has consistently provided voice and video call services to iOS and Mac customers.

So, let’s look at how to screen record FaceTime with sound on iPhoneiOS, and Mac.

How to Screen Record FaceTime With Sound On iPhone

FaceTime screen recording with sound is possible on the iPhone without the need for third-party software. The Screen Recorder app on your iPhone is sufficient to capture the screen during a FaceTime call. Follow the steps below to acquire your video recording with sound:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Locate Control Centre (scroll down), press it, and enable the “Access within Apps” switch.

3. Select “Customize Controls“; seek the Screen Recording feature, and then hit the Plus (+) sign. The Control Centre will now have a recording feature (Swipe Up feature on home screen)

4. Exit Settings and begin a FaceTime video call with any of your contacts.

5. When you hear the ringing, open the Control Centre (swipe up) and tap on the Screen Recorder icon (top right bottom).

6. The function will begin recording the video call; however, it will be a call with no audio/sound.

7. To record FaceTime with sound, simply press and hold the Screen Recorder button for a few seconds. This will display the options to indicate that the microphone is currently turned off.

8. You must click on the microphone switch and wait until it turns colored or says “Microphone On” before proceeding.

9. Navigate to the Screen Recorder and hit the icon to begin recording. The countdown will begin, and you can begin your FaceTime call.

Be aware that everything on your screen, including the FaceTime call, is recorded. So, try to turn off any notifications or alerts that appear on the screen by accident.

How to Screen Record FaceTime With Sound on iPad

Screen recording FaceTime with sound on iPad is the same as on iPhone (iOS). One or both options may be different, and however, the overall message will be the same.

If you’re familiar with either the iPad or the iPhone, you’ll find that practically every option on both devices is easily accessible.

How to Screen Record FaceTime with Sound on Mac 

To screen record FaceTime with sound on a Mac, simply use the QuickTime software. Let’s go over how to record a FaceTime call on a Mac:

1. Launch the QuickTime software on your Mac and select File > New Screen Recording. The screen recording window will then appear.

2. Tap the Down Arrow to activate the “internal microphone.” This will assist you in recording your voice.

3. Begin a FaceTime call with your desired contact and then return to the screen recorder (QuickTime app) to record.

4. Begin your call recording with sound, and after it’s finished, go to File, then Save the recording.

RecordAnyVid is the most fantastic third-party alternative for FaceTime screen recording with Mac audio.


Our social interaction applications will be improved as time goes on. And it doesn’t end there. Since you now know how to record FaceTime with sound, you may use the methods described above to stay connected with your loved ones and create lovely memories. Share these hints with your family and friends so they can benefit from these hidden features as well.

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