Why is FedEx so Slow?

FedEx receives several complaints about service delays and slow operations. Many consumers are angry and bored with the company and are looking to move on and try other companies, especially during the pandemic.

There may be occasions when you encounter FedEx issues that cause your shipment to be delayed, as FedEx can take forever to deliver.

5 Reasons FedEx is So Slow

Why is FedEx so Slow

Several factors contribute to FedEx’s slow delivery times:

1. FedEx delayed your package

FedEx may purposefully delay your cargo if they suspect it contains illegal goods.

The following items will be searched for and held by FedEx:

• Weapons

• Drugs

• Other prohibited products

FedEx is unable to open and search your shipment.

However, they can keep the package if they receive a tip or suspect that the vendor is selling illicit items.

The police will investigate the package to establish its legality.

If it is discovered to be safe, the shipment will continue to route to you.

If it does include illegal goods, you could face jail time.

This delay is caused by FedEx waiting for a police officer to investigate the package.

This can take time, especially in places where the police force is limited or no available officers.

It may also necessitate additional paperwork from the seller, which can take time to compile and deliver to FedEx.

Extensive testing may be required to ascertain whether the package contained narcotics or other prohibited substances.

It may take some time because it must be tested in a lab.

When the package is complete, it will be delivered to you. Among other reasons FedEx might deliberately delay your cargo, looking for illegal substances is the major one.

2. Incorrect mailing address

An inaccurate address is one of the most prevalent reasons FedEx takes so long to deliver.

There are various possible explanations for an inaccurate address on the shipping label.

It all starts with a buyer’s mistake.

It’s conceivable that the buyer inadvertently entered the incorrect shipping address into the field.

This is likely to happen if the buyer has multiple shipping addresses on file and inadvertently selects the incorrect one to send to.

FedEx then delivers to the incorrect location.

It takes some time for them to fix their error.

The procedure can be sped up even further if the buyer needs to contact the seller to notify them of a claim or disagreement on order.

Once a claim is placed on an order, the FedEx driver must collect the box and deliver it to the correct destination.

Aside from buyer error, the vendor may also make a mistake.

Something may go wrong with the program, resulting in the incorrect mailing address being added to your order.

As a result, FedEx delivers to the incorrect location.

To fix the error, the FedEx driver must return to the location, collect the package, and deliver it to the proper address after being given the information.

FedEx may take some time to process if the buyer is unaware that the seller sent incorrect information to FedEx in the first place.

One final possibility is that the FedEx driver misinterpreted the label and delivered the product to the wrong address.

FedEx drivers are responsible for hundreds of shipments at a time.

When delivering a package to a residence, it is easy to misunderstand an address.

Although there are a few safeguards to make this a rare event, it does occur.

The shipping label may also be damaged somehow, making it difficult for the driver to read.

It’s also possible that the scanner won’t read it.

This raises the likelihood of them delivering to the incorrect address and making the consumer wait longer for their goods to arrive.

When FedEx delivers to the wrong address, what happens?

If FedEx delivers to the incorrect address, they will make every effort to rectify the situation.

With their tracking app, you can keep track of the progress of your package.

The order will be marked as delivered once the driver completes the delivery.

It will also give you the address where the package was delivered.

If someone signed for the package, their name would be on it.

When you notice that the package has been delivered to the incorrect address, you must call FedEx customer service and your seller.

Contacting customer service will notify FedEx that your order needs to be reviewed.

Because it is coming from you, they may be slow to remedy the issue.

Inform the seller that your package was not delivered to you.

Instead, mention the address or name of the person who received your package.

They might also contact FedEx customer service by informing the merchant.

FedEx customers are more likely to take their allegations seriously since they pay for FedEx services.

FedEx will endeavour to rectify the problem after reviewing the claim.

This includes returning the driver to the wrong address to pick up the package.

Those who accepted the item were required to return it because it is prohibited to keep or open a package that does not belong to you. The delivery will subsequently be delivered to the correct address by the driver.

3. Extreme Weather

The weather is another typical reason FedEx takes so long to arrive.

While rainstorms will not halt FedEx, certain sorts of extreme weather will cause packages to be delayed.

Driving in severe thunderstorms is perilous.

FedEx drivers may have to wait until the storm passes before driving.

Storms that rage all day may cause your product to be delayed by a day or two.

Hurricanes, tornadoes, and tropical storms can all damage the road.

It may require the car to come to a halt since the road needs to be cleared.

If there is flooding, your package may be delayed for a long time.

Extreme snowstorms can make driving impossible.

As a result, FedEx may need to postpone delivery of your shipment until the streets are safe.

4. The Recipient was not present to receive the package

Some deliveries require the package’s recipient to sign for it.

Otherwise, FedEx will be unable to deliver the package.

If the recipient is not there to accept the package, FedEx will return it and reschedule delivery.

FedEx may take a long time to deliver the package if the recipient does not sign for it.

In some situations, anyone at home can sign for the item, but only if they are over 18.

FedEx may have tried to deliver the item, but they could not do so because no one of the legal drinking age was present to sign for it.

Another reason FedEx may take a long time to deliver a package is for a business.

If the addressee is a business, they will have business hours.

FedEx requires someone to sign for the package, but no one is available if the firm is closed.

This difficulty is exacerbated if the shipment arrives on the weekend. If the business is closed on the weekend, FedEx may not deliver the package until the following Monday.

5. Inadequate documentation

Packages include a lot of documentation to aid in their delivery.

Not only is the address required for shipment, but also other information such as the commercial invoice.

The commercial invoice verifies that the shipment contains the goods expected by the customer and that the transaction is valid.

The weight of the box is another essential piece of paperwork.

FedEx trucks frequently have to weigh at weigh stations since they transport across states.

If the truck is overweight, several states will charge a surcharge.

FedEx has to know the weight of each item to load their trucks and avoid these surcharges properly.

The package will not move unless the weight is known.

FedEx must receive it from the seller.

FedEx cannot deliver the shipment unless specific items are attached to it.

FedEx takes a long time to deliver a package without these materials since the vendor must organize and send them.

The buyer must wait for their package for as long as the vendor takes to send the documentation.

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