Is Scam?

Receiving an email from could imply that a device unrecognized by Instagram has tried gaining access into your account. The unrecognized entry may be evoked by your attempt to access your account with another device. If this is not the case, then a scammer may be trying to infiltrate your Instagram account.

Have you received a similar message from recently? If yes, this information will help you avoid Instagram scams.

Is Real or Fake? is actually the official email of Instagram. However, this email can be easily manipulated to scam unsuspecting individuals. For instance, scammers could use “” or “Security@mail.instagram.c0m”

According to Instagram, if you receive an email from letting you know that your email address was changed, you have the ability to undo this change by simply selecting revert this change in that message.

Types Of Instagram Scam

Instagram scams can take various forms intended to achieve different illegal goals. Adequate knowledge of these means of scam will facilitate the identification of a potential scam and subsequent avoidance.

Some popular types of Instagram scams include:

False Brand Accounts 

Several studies suggest that over 50,000 Instagram accounts advertise and sell counterfeit items daily.  An analysis by GhostData found that roughly 20% of all fashion product postings on Instagram feature counterfeit goods. When these fake accounts claim to offer unique deals, they’re usually looking to buy likes and followers to make their scams appear legitimate.

Free Likes And Followers On Instagram

Influencers can earn a considerable amount of money by advertising the products of various brands on their social media accounts. To make more money, they require a larger following. Some cybercriminals have jumped on the bandwagon and started trading fake followers and like to boost the number of social media followers.

Fake automated accounts are often used to defraud Instagram users. These false accounts may seem legitimate.

Fake Investment Scams

A total of 164 people were reported to have been duped on Instagram in June 2020, according to Action Fraud. The sum of £358,809, over 600k USD, was revealed to be lost by these reports.

Instant messaging is a common method used by scammers to contact their victims once they’ve advertised their business. They may inform people who trade on the stock market that they only need a little upfront investment of a couple of hundred dollars. When the payment is made, the money is taken off and there’s minimal hope of it ever being returned.

Fake Giveaways

Numerous legitimate Instagram freebies and promotions exist, but there are also several deceitful ones offering non-existent rewards. This scam could be presented as a like or comment on an article to be eligible for a prize. Then, enter your details to win.

This scheme aims to get your private information or gain your trust to make the scam seem more genuine.


There are various phishing frauds on Instagram. Phishing emails constitute a widespread type of scam. It involves the sender asking the recipient to click on a link, confirm activity on their Instagram account, or provide confidential information.

Fraudsters can obtain your private information, alter your password, and keep you out if they gain access to your account. Circulation of dangerous links through direct messages is also on the rise.

Warning Signs Of An Instagram Scam

You could detect an Instagram scam through these cues:

  • An invitation to click on a dubious link that seems to originate from a friend or a familiar business.
  • A request for money from a person you don’t know.
  • Someone posing as an Instagram security trying to get you to give them your username and password or to verify your account.
  • Unverified accounts of significant corporations or public figures.
  • Bids for you to claim a reward from other people or accounts.
  • Petitions to transfer your conversation from Instagram to an open and less secure location.
  • Grammatical and spelling errors in messages or postings.
  • Inaccurate information about a person’s location.

Crucial Steps To Follow To Prevent Instagram Scams

You can avoid being victimized by fraudsters on Instagram by employing the following measures:

Never Click On Dubious Links

When attempting to modify your personal information on Instagram, you’ll never be asked to click on a link. Using the ‘Emails from Instagram’ tab, you may see a record of the official correspondence that Instagram sent you in the last 14 days. This action will enable you to determine if a request is valid.

Keep Your Account Confidential 

Instagram accounts are by default public. If you intend to keep your posts from being viewed by only your close circle, you’ll need to make your account confidential. Approved followers can only see your posts in search results, detect which posts you’ve liked, and communicate with you directly.

Activate Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication adds a degree of security to protect your accounts. To log into Instagram, you’ll receive a one-of-a-kind code by text message.

Turn Off Your Activity Status

If you don’t want your followers to know when you were last online, you can turn off Instagram’s “Activity Status.” This action can be achieved by going to ‘Settings’ and turning off ‘Activity Status’ to ensure your privacy.

Check Your Login Activity Regularly

You can check your account’s login activity by going to the “Settings” page and clicking on “Login Activity.” You must explore this page to see all the places where you’ve used your account. If your account has been hacked, you’d see some unfamiliar locales. Log out and change your password immediately once you detect an unknown location.

Block Spammers And Unwanted Individuals

If someone is bothering you or publishing inappropriate stuff, you can block them manually. Select ‘Block’ from the account’s three-dot menu. The individual’s account should also be reported to Instagram. Their accounts and comments will be suspended if they are found to have violated the site’s terms of service.

Perform Necessary Research 

Visit the profile of an account and choose ‘About this Account’ if you’re unsure if it’s authentic or not. Instagram will update you on when the person first signed up for the service, where they live, if they’re running any adverts, if they’ve changed their username, and if they have accounts with shared followers. You can proceed to block or report the user if something doesn’t feel right.

Beware Of Third-Party Apps 

Regularly monitoring all the third-party software you’ve linked to your Instagram account might be a bit of a challenge. You may have installed a rogue software that’s nabbing your data for nefarious reasons without your knowledge. By observing the ‘Settings’ menu, you may detect which applications have been authorized and which ones have expired. You may remove or provide access to the services you desire.

Employ The Services Of Companies With Verified Instagram Accounts

If you’re purchasing from an account that appears to be associated with a well-known company, ensure that the account is validated with a blue tick. Sellers who offer pricey products at low costs or use unusual payment methods should be properly scrutinized.


Instagram is a social media platform with numerous benefits. The negative aspect of the outlet is that scammers intend to make it a hub for fraudulent activities. By faithfully adhering to the guides mentioned above, you’d be able to evade fraudulent activities and enjoy the actual windfalls of Instagram.

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