How To Remove SIM Card From iPhone Without Tool

A SIM card is a must-have accessory for any phone, even the iPhone. Because the provider communicates through the SIM chips inside the phone, it enables calling and receiving data.

If you wish to change the SIM card, you must first learn to remove it. We are not always prepared with the professional tool with the phone. It may have been misplaced or lost someplace, but there is always a workable answer. Keep reading to learn how to remove a SIM card from an iPhone without using a tool.

A paperclip is one of the most common and popular methods for removing a sim card from an iPhone.

Remove SIM Card From iPhone Without Tool
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Follow the straightforward actions outlined below to accomplish this;

1. Gently insert the little paperclip you bent before into the SIM tray’s small pinhole slot.

2. Apply light pressure to the iPhone until the SIM tray pops out.

3. Take a firm grip on the SIM tray and pull it straight out.

4. Change your SIM card.

5. Replace the tray.

Alternative items to use in place of a tool to remove a sim card from an iPhone

how to remove sim card from iphone

As previously stated, you can substitute any paper clip with the original SIM removal tool. However, there are other solutions available.

So, here’s what more you can do with it.

  • Safety Pin: In general, safety pins are somewhat thick. So, pick the smallest and thinnest safety pin you can find that will fit within the SIM card tray hole.
  • Staple Pin: Standard household staples should fit through the SIM card tray hole, but use caution.
  • Mechanical Pencil: We’re sure you have one someplace in your house. So, if you decide to use it, give the lead a few ticks to extend. Then, be very cautious when inserting the lead into the SIM card tray hole since it might be very brittle.
  • Toothpick: If you have thicker toothpicks around the house, slice away a piece of the wood to make the toothpick narrower. Then, gently insert it into the SIM card tray hole, taking care not to break the tip.
  • Sewing Pin: Finally, do you have a sewing kit at home? We’re confident you do, so go ahead and select the most miniature sewing pin you can find. You’ll discover that it’s a feasible alternative to a SIM removal tool.

Final Word

If you don’t always have an iPhone SIM removal tool with you, you should have some backup options. Paper clips are commonly used, and other alternatives include ballpoint pen tips and a safety pin.

While we highlighted the usage of a paperclip in this situation, the other solutions indicated above will work just as well.

It is best to just connect that ejector tool to your collection of keys (car key bunch or your home keys). This is to prevent the difficulty of seeking alternatives when you’re out and about. However, be cautious because the end of that removal tool may be sharp and may cut your flesh if you have your key in your pocket.

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