How To Post On Facebook

Since its inception, Facebook has been a widely recognized platform, and its ever-evolving features make things even better every day. These days, Facebook has put out a variety of features such as the marketplace feature, dating near me, Game room features, and a variety of other fantastic features.

Using Facebook is simple since the site is user-friendly enough for everyone, including newcomers, to utilize. Most individuals, however, continue to complain that they find it challenging to carry out some tasks on the platform.

We will walk you through a step-by-step guide to making a post on Facebook, how to Post on Facebook Pages, and how to Post in Facebook Groups using both your mobile devices and your personal computers.

How to post on Facebook

The number of posts you make on Facebook is not limited. We can’t tell if it has a limitless storage capacity. Even deleted accounts do not have their files removed immediately.

Facebook posts are what is found on your timeline. As you scroll down your Facebook homepage, the things you see are Facebook posts. These posts are only available to a limited number of individuals. These are typically your pals or friends of friends.

Currently, you can share three different file types on Facebook. Images, videos, and texts. The text is simply a write-up.

How to post on Facebook using a mobile device

It is simple to post on Facebook from your mobile device, and all you need to do is follow the procedures outlined below.

• Log in to your Facebook account. On your homepage, look for the page you want to post on, whether a friend’s page, a group page, or your page.

• Also, if it’s your page, move it to the top of the news feed. If it’s a friend page, use the search box at the top of the screen to find it. Please enter your friend’s name, click on their name, and finally, their profile image. If it’s a group, click the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the screen. Then you go to the group’s menu and select your group.

• After that, click on the post box at the top of your Facebook account’s page in your news feed. When you’ve done that, the photo area will appear. The box will be located directly below the cover photo if the post is to a group.

• You can upload a photo or a video to your post by tapping a photo/video near the center of the screen. Then you can select a photo or video to upload and add words to your post by selecting the text area.

• You can also set a background for your post by tapping a colored circle in the center of the screen. 

Then, click Add to Post in the middle of the screen, and it will display information such as

  • Photograph/video
  • Make your check-in
  • Emotion/activity/sticker
  • Tag other individuals

• After all of this, you will need to select a post option to add more posts, and then you will need to click on post.

That’s how you make a Facebook post.

How to Post on Facebook from your desktop or PC

If you want to know how to post on Facebook, follow the steps below.

Go to on your PC and sign in to your Facebook account. You must now navigate to the page where you wish to post. Tap the post box at the top of the news feed; you can add more content if desired. After that, you can now press the post button.

These steps are pretty simple to follow; once you have completed them, you will understand How to Post Something on Facebook. Post whatever you want, and even if you wish to post for a friend.

How to Make a Post on a Facebook Page

It is simple to make a post on a Facebook page, and it might even be your page or a page you follow. To post on a Facebook page, follow the steps outlined below.

• Launch the Facebook website or app and sign in using your Facebook account.

You need to go to the page where you want to write your post.

• Select the post box that has been provided for you. This box is a particular area where all Facebook users can write a post.

• You can use images, videos, or plain text in your Facebook post. Click the “Post” button once you’ve finished writing your post. Your post would be live across the Facebook platform in a matter of seconds.

How to post a Facebook Story

Like many other social networks, Facebook allows you to publish transitory updates known as Stories. A Facebook Story can be made out of a photo, text on a colored background, a poll, and other elements. You may limit who can see your stories in the Stories row atop the screen and your friends’ feeds. Your story will be deleted after 24 hours.

Follow the procedures below to accomplish this.

1. On the Story row located at the top of the page, pick “Create a Story” from the Facebook app on your phone or the Facebook page in a web browser.

• If the “Create a Story” option is not showing on your homepage, click the plus (+) button beside your account name in the top right corner of the page, then choose “Story” from the “Create” dropdown menu.

2. Select the type of tale you want to include. You can choose “Create a Photo Story” or “Create a Text Story” on the web, but on your phone, you’ll have more options:

To contribute a photo or video narrative, tap a photo in the camera roll or use the camera symbol to take a photo/video.

Tap “Aa” to insert text into your story.

Select “Music” to add music to your story.

Tap “Boomerang” to snap a flurry of photographs, which then loop forward and backward as a short film.

Tap “Mood” to select a picture from the GIFs collection and apply text and other effects.

Tap “Selfie” to shoot a selfie while adding emojis and effects.

Select “Poll” to make a poll for your friends. You can ask a Yes or No question, or you can alter the Yes and No so that your friends can respond differently.

3. You can choose who hears your tale. Choose the gear icon. On the web, it’s in the upper left corner, near to the Your Story heading. It’s in the lower-left corner of your phone and labeled “Privacy.” Choose whether you want to share your tale with the “public,” “friends,” or “custom” audiences. If you select Custom, you can only share the tale with certain people. Click the “Save” button. 4. Create the type of post you want and customize it with text, photos, effects, and emojis, then click “Share to Story.”

How to Include a Facebook News Feed Post in Your Story

You can add things from your news feed to a story in addition to the regular types of stories. To do so, tap “Share” next to a post in your news feed, then select “Share to Your Story.”

Not all news items can be shared, depending on their level of privacy.

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