How To Change Your Youtube URL

Every YouTube user considers changing their channel’s URL when it has grown in popularity. When most people make a YouTube account, they do not expect to utilize it much because they create an account solely to watch videos. When they become a brand, things begin to change.

When you create a YouTube account for the first time, your YouTube URL is replaced with a random user number assigned by YouTube. If you are a brand, changing your URL will be highly beneficial because it will make it easier for people to reach you and advertise your brand. So, let’s look at how to change the YouTube URL.

What exactly is a URL?

A URL is the web page’s address and how people find your website. The URL in this situation refers to the address of your YouTube page. If you’re wondering how to get your YouTube channel URL, the answer is straightforward.

Sign in to your YouTube account first. Then, navigate to your channel. Simply copy the URL once you’re on your channel page. That is the ID-based URL for your YouTube channel.

But do you know you don’t have to use the generic URL that YouTube assigns to your channel? YouTube also offers the option of creating custom URLs. Custom URLs are more concise and easier to remember.

Unfortunately, not everyone can have their personalized URLs. To have a personalized URL, your account must meet specific criteria. These requirements are determined by your existing display name, legacy username, or linked and confirmed domain.

Changing your YouTube URL 

It is critical to have a one-of-a-kind YouTube URL. It is beneficial to have consistency across all of your social media platforms while developing a brand as an artist. This allows your fans to simply access your music and remain updated on shows and other events, and it also makes you appear more professional.

URL is an abbreviation for universal resource locator, and it is an address used to identify a webpage. Every website has a URL, and your YouTube channel will have its unique URL, provided by YouTube at first.

However, after you have a sufficient number of subscribers, you will be able to select a new one. It’s a good idea to use a relative URL for your website and YouTube channel.

Criteria for changing a YouTube URL

So, before we get started on generating a custom YouTube channel URL, it’s crucial to understand that this option is only available in particular circumstances.

If you want a personalized YouTube URL, you must have:

• A minimum of 100 subscribers;

• A channel that has been active for at least 30 days;

• An uploaded profile photo;

• A banner image (cover art) that has been posted;

You can modify your URL up to three times in a year, so you can permanently alter your channel name and description again if you make a mistake.

How to Change Your YouTube URL

Building a YouTube channel begins with the URL, logo, content, description, and so on.

The URL may not always correspond to the channel’s theme.

You can start the channel and obtain some subscribers, but the URL doesn’t match your brand, and at this stage, creating a new channel and removing the old one would be a lot of work.

If you follow the steps below, changing your YouTube URL is simple.

1. Access your YouTube account.

2. Choose “Settings” from the settings menu. Then, from the advanced account settings menu, click on your profile image in the upper right corner.

Change Your Youtube URL

3. In Channel Settings, check the box next to “You’re eligible for a custom URL.” This link will appear on your profile only if you meet all of the personalized YouTube URL requirements.

4. Look under the “Get custom URL box” to see which custom URLs you can use. You cannot modify the text in the grey box, but you can change the rest of the link, providing you with a unique URL.

5. Read the terms and conditions described in the “Custom URL Terms of Use” section before selecting “Change URL.”

6. Double-check that your personalized URL appears precisely as you want it to. Check for any misspellings or other problems. When you’re positive that the URL is exactly what you want, click “Confirm decision.”

7. Once you’ve confirmed your personalized URL, visitors will be able to access your YouTube channel homepage by simply typing it in. For instance, your new custom URL may be

If you no longer like your personalized URL and want to change it for any reason, you may. If you determine that your initial custom URL no longer represents you and your channel, follow these steps to create a secondary URL.

1. Access your YouTube account.

2. Navigate to the “About Me” area. Remove your existing URL once you’ve entered this section.

3. Once you remove your URL, others will no longer be able to access your account via that URL.

4. Repeat the preceding steps to generate your new custom URL for your YouTube channel.

The Advantages of a Custom YouTube URL

As you’ve learned how to make your own custom URL for your YouTube channel, you should be aware of three of the key reasons why people prefer a personalized URL over a generic URL.

It’s Easier to Remember

URLs can be very long. Many URLs consist of random characters, numbers, and symbols. Make it easy to remember your URL by making it significantly more superficial than the generic URL. People are considerably more likely to remember a shorter URL that contains actual words than a very long URL that contains a variety of characters, numbers, and symbols. Which URL, for example, do you think you’d have an easier time memorizing or remembering? or

You’d go with the first URL, and it is considerably more straightforward to remember than the second URL.

It’s Easier to Share

Aside from the fact that a personalized URL is shorter and easier to remember, it is also much easier to distribute than the default URL. Instead of random characters, numbers, or symbols, your personalized URL will be made up of actual words.

As a result, it is easier to transmit a custom URL verbally because you can speak the words rather than having to individually utter letters, numbers, or symbols in a generic URL.

Have you ever met someone who enjoys reading out long, difficult URLs? Create a URL that people want to share if you want to help build awareness about your business, or in this example, your YouTube channel.

Keywords and SEO

Because they are unique, customized URLs stand out above all other links. You want people to remember your YouTube channel or business to have repeat users and customers.

Keywords can also be included in your unique URL, and including keywords will make your URL more unique and help with SEO. Essentially, you want a custom URL to help your website rank higher in search engines. Using keywords will assist you in accomplishing that goal.

More visitors will visit your website if you include keywords in your unique URL. This occurs as a result of people looking up such terms, and as a result, your website will be listed in their search results. Including keywords in your custom URL is only one approach for increasing website traffic via keywords. You can, for example, use various keyword methods such as blogging or using Keyword Planner.

FAQs about YouTube URL

How many times can I modify my YouTube Custom URL?

You have the option to alter your YouTube channel’s custom URL up to three times each year.

Is it possible to change my YouTube custom URL without removing it?

You cannot change your personalized URL on YouTube, and you must erase your existing URL and replace it with a new one for your channel. Also, keep in mind that another channel can still request the removed custom URL.

Why does my old YouTube URL still appear when I change my YouTube URL?

Ideally, you should not be concerned because it may take several days to disable the prior URL.

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