3 Ways To Change Voicemail Language

Voicemail is one of T-Mobile’s most effective and efficient services, allowing consumers to get important messages even if they cannot answer the phone. However, there are occasions when language barriers arise, and people wonder, “how do I change my voicemail language?”

We’ll take you through all of the processes. Patiently go through this article to learn how.

How to Change the Language of Your Voicemail on Android

Android devices are used by people all over the world. People use Android as their primary device and English as a medium regardless of country, location, or time.

But not everyone speaks English well or feels comfortable. Therefore, most people prefer to modify the voicemail in their native language.

Steps on how to Change voicemail language on Android

You may customize the language of your voicemail on Android to either English, German, French, Chinese, or any of several other languages. The wording you use for your prompts will be heard by both you and your callers.

Please follow the steps below:

1. To begin, go to your voicemail box and change the language.

2. Next, go to the Main menu.

3. Simply tap 4 to get the personal option. Personal Preferences are also available.

4. Select language from the drop-down menu. You now have a choice of languages to choose from.

5. Tap 1 for English, 2 for French, and 3 for Cantonese.

Examine Your Android Voicemail

The dial pad on your device is the simplest way to monitor your Android voicemail. Maintain a firm grip on the number “1” on your keypad. Looking closely at the icon, you will see what looks like a tape recorder, and you’ll be immediately directed to your voice message mailbox.

Step 1: First and foremost, call your mobile number from a separate device.

Step 2: After that, you must wait for the audio to be recorded.

Step 3: After that, you should start playing, and the message “Please leave a message” will appear.

Step 4: Finally, tap the pounds key on your device’s dial pad (#).

Step 5: Enter your voicemail pin in the field below.

Step 6: Lastly, you will have access to and control your voicemail mailbox.

Modify Voicemail Message

  • To begin, go to the Home screen and click the Phone icon.
  • Then select voicemail, followed by greeting.
  • The greeting choice will appear in the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Simply press the Custom button to record a greeting.
  • When a checkmark appears, it indicates that the option is enabled.
  • Once you press the Record button, it would be best if you began recording your greetings immediately.
  • Finally, if you wish to stop recording, simply tap Save. That’s all.

Change Android’s Default Voicemail:

  • Another viable alternative is to alter your default voicemail setting. Take the following steps:
  • First and foremost, launch the Voice app on your Android smartphone.
  • Simply click the ‘Menu Options’ button in the upper left corner.
  • Then, from the Voicemail option, select Voice message greeting.
  • Please note the greeting you wish to use and write it next to it.
  • Finally, press More to select Set as active.

T-Mobile Voicemail – How To Change From Spanish To English?

1. The Framework

The first option is to call the system, which you may do from your phone. It also does not necessitate the use of any additional software or features. So, when you call the system, press number four to access the mailbox option. Then, tap the number four again, and you’ll be sent to the Playback menu. Finally, tap the number seven to change the language to English.

2. Application

Using the app, you can switch from Spanish to English if you have a smartphone and a steady internet connection. Installing the T-Mobile app on your phone is the first step. Log in to the account as the principal account holder once installed. Then, from the profile settings, click more to open the language settings. Choose English from the menu and save the settings.

3. Internet site

If you cannot open or use the app, it is recommended that you visit the official T-Mobile website and connect to your account using the login credentials. Log in as the primary account holder and tap on the name in the upper-right corner. Now, select the profile option and then the language settings. Choose English from the available options and press the save button.

4. Restart

You can always call T-Mobile and reset the voicemail to ensure that the voicemail language settings are changed to English. All personalized settings will be lost when they rest the voicemail (yes, Spanish language setting). If you need to contact T-Mobile customer service, you can do it via Twitter, Facebook or on the other hand; you can call T-Mobile and ask them to reset your voicemail.

5. Configure voicemail

If you cannot contact T-Mobile assistance to reset the voicemail, it is recommended that you set up the voicemail afresh on your own. Call 123 on your cell phone to do so, which will link you to voicemail. T-Mobile will request the password (the last four numbers on the contact number). However, if you updated your password, use that instead of the last four digits. Once the phone is answered, simply record your name and other greetings, and your voicemail is ready!

The bottom line is that if no troubleshooting methods work, you should contact T-Mobile tech support, who will investigate the problem. As a result, they may change the settings on your voicemail; problem solved!

How can I change the language of my iPhone voicemail to English?

Open the Phone app and touch “Voicemail” in the lower right corner to create a custom greeting. In the upper left corner, tap “Greeting.” Follow the steps to record your greeting in the language of your choice.

How do I change my voicemail on my iPhone?

Transfer your current voicemail

1. Open the Phone app and select the Voicemail tab.

2. Select Set Up Now.

3. Enter your password*, then tap finished.

4. Tap Save after recording a personalized greeting or using the default greeting.

How do you reset voicemail on your iPhone?

Change your voicemail preferences.

Alter your greeting: Then, select voicemail, followed by greeting. Change the password on your voicemail: Change the voicemail password by going to Settings > Phone > Change Voicemail Password and entering the new password. Contact your wireless carrier if you have forgotten your voicemail password.

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