3 Ways To Convert Rar To Zip

File compression helps us to lower file size to make data more accessible, consumable, and transferable across the internet. Files that have been compressed are also more secure, and they can be encrypted or password-protected to keep their contents secret from snoopers and other dangerous actors. To unpack the files from the archive, you must enter the correct password.

Zip and RAR are two of the widely used file compression programs. Zip files have more functionality than RAR files, so the zip archive file format is more common. So it’s natural to desire to convert RAR files to zip format when you come across them. But that isn’t always easy.

Looking for a quick way to convert RAR files to zip? Then you’ve arrived at the correct location. This article shows you how to convert RAR files to zip files.

Some online third-party converter software can assist with this; however, it may be fe-based. Off-the-shelf WinRAR software can assist you in converting RAR files to ZIP files. This post will look at three methods for converting RAR files to ZIP files on Windows. In any case, ensure that the WinRAR software is installed on your Windows PC.

1. How to Use WinRAR to Convert RAR to ZIP on Windows 10

WinRAR is said to be one of the most widely used archive programs. WinRAR not only allows you to open, generate, and compress RAR files, but it also allows you to convert one archive file format to another.

WinRAR Advantages

• Capable of extracting any archive format, including zip, RAR, CAB, ARJ, and so on.

• Archive splitting

• Password protection

• Restore damaged archives

• 128/256 AES encryption support

Pricing for Winrar WinRAR is available for free for a trial duration of 40 days. Following that, you can buy a license for $29.

How to Convert a RAR File to a ZIP File in Windows 10

We’ll show you how to use WinRAR to convert RAR to ZIP.

Step 1: Get and install WinRAR.

Download WinRAR for your operating system by clicking here.

Step 2: Unzip the RAR file.

Open WinRAR and locate the RAR file you wish to convert to ZIP.

Step 3: Convert archives.

Click Tools and then the Convert Archives option on the top menu bar.

Step 4: Customize your preferences.

Now you should see a dialog box called convert archives open. On that, you must configure the following settings:

-Select zip format.

-Select the compression option. Choose zip as the -archive format in the second window.

-Choose the best compression method:

-Create a password (optional)

-All right.

Step 5: Press the “YES” button.

After you’ve configured the options above, WinRAR will prompt you to encrypt converted archives. To proceed, click “yes.”

Step 6: You should wait for the conversion to be complete. The converting procedure will begin as soon as you click OK.

2. Use cloudconvert to convert RAR to ZIP online.

Cloudconvert is a free online web tool that converts RAR to ZIP and other conversions such as tar conversion, image conversion, document conversion, etc.

In terms of privacy, they promise that submitted files will be erased from their server after 24 hours, or you can delete them manually when the conversion process is completed.

Cloudconvert Advantages

• Because of its extensive file limit feature, Cloudconvert is one of the best free online RAR to Zip converters currently accessible on the market.

• The free plan allows the user to convert up to 1 GB of RAR files at a time.

• After conversion, the manual file deletion option is available.

• The user has several options for uploading the file for conversion, including URL, Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, or straight from the PC.

• Your file will be valid for 24 hours after conversion.

• The free plan includes 25 conversions each day.

• In a free plan, up to 5 concurrent conversions may be possible.

How to Use Cloudconvert to Convert RAR to ZIP

1. Navigate to the cloudconvert website.

2. Choose one of the two dropdown menus: Choose your file format, such as RAR, and your desired conversion file format, such as ZIP. 3. To select your file, click the “choose file” button. To begin the conversion process, click the red convert button.

3. How do I convert a RAR file to a ZIP file on Android?

When it comes to converting a RAR file to a ZIP file on an Android phone, there is no direct app accessible.

However, you can first utilize RARLAB’s RAR application to decompress/extract the RAR file in a folder. Then, using the same “RAR” application, compress this folder into a zip file. The procedure is known as decompressing and recompressing.

What are the benefits of converting RAR files to zip files?

But why should RAR files be converted to zip in the first place? There are numerous reasons to convert RAR files to Zip files. For starters, the zip archive file format is natively supported by standard operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Because of its widespread compatibility across operating systems, the zip archive file format makes it easy to access your files regardless of which computer you are using.

Another reason you might prefer to work with zip files rather than RAR is cost. To compress or extract RAR files, you must need a premium application.

On the other hand, Zip files do not require any additional software to access or extract on your computer, and zip files can be opened, created, and compressed for free. Furthermore, the zip archive file type is ideal when transmitting files over the internet.


There are several options for converting those incompatible RAR files, and it is entirely up to you to utilize third-party software or convert RAR to ZIP online. In any case, converting RAR to ZIP is simple and takes less than a minute.

Those who distribute compressed files can use WinRAR or another file archiver to convert them to ZIP format. In contrast, those who get files in an unintelligible RAR format can utilize an online application such as CloudConvert.

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