5 Best MangaDex Alternatives

Are you looking for an alternative to MangaDex to read Manga online? Manga is an umbrella word for a vast range of Japanese-produced and published comic books and graphic novels.

In contrast to American comic books, which are nearly often printed in full color, Japanese manga are virtually typically published in black and white. Full-color prints are often reserved for limited-edition releases. 

Japanese manga is read right-to-left rather than left-to-right, as is the case with English-language publications. If you’ve only ever read English newspapers, this may take some getting used to, but you won’t notice after you’ve practiced enough. 

Manga is normally published in Japan on a monthly or weekly chapter-by-chapter basis in manga magazines such as Weekly Shonen Jump (which has been in circulation since 1968). If a series becomes successful enough, its chapters are compiled and released into tankbon volumes, which generally contain a few chapters from the total plot.

The most significant aspect of manga is that there is something for everyone. There is a manga for everyone, whether you favor high school love comedies or high-fantasy epics. Finding these Manga might be difficult at times.

There are just a few online manga readers and manga applications that allow you to legally read Manga. While some websites allow you to sample a handful of series or chapters for free, none allow you to read all for free. The Manga community, on the other hand, makes use of several file-sharing websites where you may read Manga for free.


MangaDex.org is a popular online Manga reader that supports all major languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish, among others. The site’s layout is like that of a movie streaming service, in that you may quickly select each title and read it without restriction.

It offers a vast database of Manga novels with over 30 distinct categories. Each category has its own set of options. Scanlators built the site for Scanlators, giving the current team total control over their releases.

It also provides an advanced search box where you just need to enter the name of Manga that you want. After entering the name, it shows all the detailed results, and you can easily choose and read each one without any limit.

There is also the option of sharing your favorite Manga with others via email and social media networks. One of the best aspects of this website is that you can post your Manga novels and receive real-time feedback.

MangaDex also provides essential elements such as regular updates with hundreds of titles, a simple interface, an online community, millions of visitors worldwide, and more.

Best MangaDex Alternatives

However, MangaDex is known to go down frequently. The site can come back online yet is helpful to know about a few alternatives. Like MangaDex, these alternative sites can also offer multiple opportunities to find your favorite titles, such as exploring its genres, sorting titles by name, and year.


Manganelo is a website for manga fans that provides millions of Manga to read and share. The site has a simple layout. It is also free for everyone and requires no registration to read Manga.

Like MangaDex and other similar manga reader websites, Manganelo allows you to create and share your Manga with others, as well as receive real-time feedback.

It is also renowned as a social networking solution where manga fans from all around the world can read and discuss dozens of manga stories. There is also a free alternative for streaming Anime series in HD resolution.

This website’s content is divided into several genres, including Action, Adventure, Drama, and Romance, among others. Each one has thousands of possibilities from which to choose and enjoy.


Mangaupdates.com is a Japanese Manga site where you can read an endless number of Manga with high-quality photos. The site has a distinct interface, reads like a Reddit forum, and was created by a team of manga fans, and it has all the features necessary to make it a comprehensive manga platform.

Manga updates is also recognized as a manga-based social networking service where manga fans may communicate and exchange ideas.

In this platform, you can find, read, and share unlimited Manga anytime, anywhere, even on mobile devices. You can check out their iPhone app. All new manga series reported for this year can be found here. You can sort them by the date they were reported to us, the rating, or based on how active the series was over the past month.

Manga Reader

Manga Reader is an online Manga reader platform that is quite simple but feature rich. It is a comprehensive platform for manga lovers and offers millions of Manga to read, anime series to stream, and dozens of games to play.

It is a bit different as compared to MangaDex. The interface is quite stuffy, and if you’re the one to be easily annoyed with pop-up ads, then you may find navigating this site a bit challenging. But Manga Reader still offers all the same services and features as other Manga Reader sites.

It allows you to post your Manga and share it with others to receive real-time comments. You can bookmark your reading as well. This platform’s manga and anime series are divided into several categories.

The website is very visual, and you’ll see the big thumbnails of whatever you’re looking for.  Each category has its own title, which is updated on a regular basis with dozens of new names. It, like others, has many categories to explore, including a trending section. All the trending Manga and anime series are available for free in HD resolution in the trending section.


Mangakakalot is one of the fastest-growing venues for reading manga online for free. The site features all the top titles and millions of Manga for all types of manga fans. It claims to have the world’s largest database of high-quality image Manga, which is updated daily with new chapters and a plethora of new titles.

It provides all the associated services as well as some new tools and features. The site’s UI is extremely good, with all the latest Manga releases and many sections to explore, including Complete Manga and Latest Release. These areas will let you find your favorite Manga without much effort. It will link you to other sites if it does not have the Manga you’re looking for.

My Anime List

MyAnimeList.net is an Anime and Manga Social Networking application that offers more than 4.4 million anime and up to 775,000 manga entries. This site’s information is divided into numerous categories, and each kind has its own set of options.

The site offers its users a list-like mechanism for organizing and scoring Manga and animation. It makes it easier to meet folks with similar likes and provides daily updates with dozens of titles.

MyAnimeList is one of the popular ones as it boasts the world’s largest database and millions of users worldwide. The site’s layout is straightforward, and there is no need to join up to read Anime and Manga.

However, if you want to upload your titles and join its community, you must sign up with your name, email address, and name. After successfully logging in, you have access to all tools and features.

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