How To Delete Add-ons On Ps4

The PlayStation 4 now has a rather beefy hard drive thanks to the new 1TB option, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need to wipe it out now and then. This is true for both downloaded material and entire games.

Downloadable content (DLC) is an example of an add-on in Playstation.

What is a PS4 DLC Add-on?

Downloadable content for a game is referred to as DLC. It is a map or extra content that is added to a complete game but is not the whole game itself; hence for DLC to work, the entire game is required.

Typically, they are not region locked in the traditional sense. The DLC is locked by the game’s area, not the system. So, if you buy EU disks/downloads, you’ll also need EU DLC.

The PSN stores vary according to region. Compatibility, what titles are available, and so forth. Once you join up and make it a primary account with an Indian address, your information will be saved in PSN, indicating that you live in India and cannot unlock DLC region locks from other countries.

Once a DLC has been installed on the PS4, it cannot be removed individually. To delete a DLC, uninstall the entire game and then reinstall it without the DLC. If you face any issue with this process at any time, we recommend contacting PlayStation Support directly.

How To delete DLC Add-on From PS4

Maybe you’re sick of a Call of Duty map pack. Maybe an expansion for Destiny isn’t what you’re looking for anymore. Or, maybe more concerning, a file had become corrupted? In that scenario, you’ll need to uninstall it from your PS4—after all, some DLC consumes gigabytes of data, so leaving it on your system is pointless.

So, can you uninstall DLC from your PS4? Yes. There is, however, a catch.

Unfortunately, uninstalling DLC is more complicated than it should be, and Sony is to blame for this, as there is no method to delete individual DLC. You can’t simply go into the file management settings and uncheck a box to remove, for example, The Last of Us Left Behind DLC. Instead, you’d have to uninstall the entire game from your PS4 hard drive to remove the DLC, then reinstall the game.

In terms of game data, everything is grouped under one file, including the file itself, patches, and any DLC. As a result, the only item you can erase separately is your save games. So, if you only need to remove one piece of DLC, you’ll have to erase the game and reinstall it.

People will not be sure to be irritated to learn this, and we think it’s an inexcusable blunder on Sony’s part not to enable an easy option to move DLC for the PS4. With luck, a fresh PS4 update will resolve the issue, but for the time being, you’ll have to utilize this workaround for clearing any undesirable content.

How Do I Download/Access My PlayStation 4 DLC or Add-On Content?

1. Navigate to the game’s page on your PS4 Home Menu or Game Library.

2. After you’ve chosen the game, scroll down to the “PlayStationTM Store” section at the bottom.

3. You can manually download specific pieces of released content you already own, including the latest character, from the “Your Add-ons” section.

4. If the item you’re looking for isn’t displayed under “Your Add-ons,” you can browse past this option on the Game Page’s “PlayStation Store” section and select “View All.”

5. Content that you are entitled to but do not already own will be displayed here with a cost of “Free.”

6. After you’ve selected the material and begun the download, it will be displayed under “Your Add-ons” in case you would want to download it again later.

How can I delete PS4 add-ons?

Scroll to the undesired add-ons and hit the menu button once more to get the option to uninstall an add-on. The same procedure applies here; scroll over to the game icon and select the settings button. When you’re in the settings, go to the general tab. To discover game installs, scroll to the bottom of the page. All of the add-ons may be found there.

Where can I find DLC for the PS4?

Go to the Games Home page. To get a complete list of your purchased titles, go to Game Library. Choose your game. Scroll to the Add-ons section in the Game Hub.

How to Reinstall DLC on a PlayStation 4

So, you’ve eliminated your undesirable files and regained access to your game. You may want to reinstall the DLC at some point, which is considerably more manageable. The quickest approach to reclaim your downloadable material is using your PC browser to navigate the PSN Store.

First, install your game, then go to the PlayStation Store on your desktop or laptop. Sign in and then click the dropdown menu next to your profile name. Navigate to the Download List and locate the DLC you originally downloaded and want to reinstall on your console. Download to your PS4 by clicking the Download button.

Hopefully, Sony will release a patch at some point to make it easier to erase DLC on the PS4, but for the time being, this is the only option.

How can I reinstall PS4 add-ons?

1. Open the main Settings menu from the Home screen.

2. Select Users and Accounts.

3. Choose Other.

4. Choose Restore Licenses.

5. Wait for it to finish before attempting to download your add-ons again.

What should you do if you are unable to access add-ons?

1. Make sure your PS4 has an Internet connection (wireless or LAN).

2. Press and hold the PS button on the controller.

3. Find “Power” by scrolling down.

4. Select “Restart PS4” (Note: Turning off and on the PS4 does not work) It’s pretty strange.

Suppose the preceding steps do not work. Consider going to:

1. Navigate to Settings -> Account Management -> Restore Licences, and then follow the steps outlined above (Restart PS4 system).

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