Why is Doordash So Expensive?

DoorDash is a technology startup that connects local consumers and restaurants with delivery from independent contractors. And that’s only the beginning: use the DoorDash platform to be your boss, and you’ll be able to make money-making deliveries when, where, and how you choose!

Customers can use this meal delivery app to select from a variety of foods that will be delivered right to their doors.

Almost every settlement in the United States has a meal delivery app, with DoorDash being the most popular.

Understanding how much DoorDash charges is critical when determining whether or not to use the service.

Customers will notice that the cost of meal delivery includes more than just the cost of the food; it also includes DoorDash delivery and service costs, as well as the ability to tip the Dasher.

Since the introduction of meal delivery services like Uber Eats to the market, their popularity has skyrocketed and only increased during last year’s pandemic. Customers can experience the convenience of DoorDash from the comfort of their own homes.

A bit of DoorDash

A DoorDash order includes several charges and totals that add up to your total amount.

The price includes the cost of the food, any applicable taxes, a delivery fee, and a service fee.

Customers can also leave a gratuity for the driver who delivers the food via the DoorDash app.

Customers pay for the actual cost of the ordered meal as well as the service of the delivery drivers, known as Dashers. DoorDash must charge a service fee and a delivery fee to continue functioning successfully and engaging with local eateries.

Why is Doordash so expensive?

Since the start of the pandemic, the cost of ordering food through delivery apps has risen in several locations.

Restaurants have raised the prices of the food items they serve, and those food prices influence DoorDash’s service fees, so those costs are passed on to the customer.

Here’s a Quora User’s overview of charges on their order:

The Order: Chicken Tikka Kabab, Chicken Tikki Masala, Garlic Naan, Naan, Kid’s Noodles, Rice, Veg Biryani

Total item on-site price = $58.43

Total DoorDash item price = $78.07 (markups ~ 26%-60%)

DoorDash Delivery Fee = $.99

DoorDash Service Fee = $13.27

Tip = $14.00

Tax = $7.31

Total = $113.64

So users are paying considerably more. However, DoorDash, on the other hand, provides a service.

Customers pay a delivery firm to do a job for them that costs a specific market rate.

Customers would not expect a doctor to provide a free physical exam, and users of DoorDash should not expect free delivery of a specific service. While the costs of DoorDash fees can add up, the company works to offset those costs through promotions and subscriptions.

What Are the Reasons for Doordash’s High Prices?

Why have food delivery apps grown so pricey in this digital age? The cost of home food delivery has risen in several markets. Furthermore, the price charged by these apps is primarily determined by food prices, implying a higher overall bill.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that seem to justify how expensive they’ve become.

1. Increased Profitability of Pickup Service

The majority of eateries and restaurants are looking for more profitable pickup orders, which is increasing the prices of the delivery with apps. In April, it was roughly 17 percent higher than store-bought food, and in some instances, it even jumped to 20 percent to improve margins.

This is also because restaurants assume that clients seeking such advantages will be willing to pay, which is one of the primary reasons why DoorDash is so pricey.

2. Costs of Packaging and Hiring Personnel

The surplus pricing applies to all meal delivery apps, including DoorDash. Understanding the ‘how’ will help you discover an answer to your ‘why.’ To begin with, DoorDash will need to hire more employees to meet the increased demand.

Restaurants must cover the cost, something they did not have to incur previously. Before Corona, most people ate at restaurants rather than ordering food online.

Furthermore, the packaging costs are higher because your food must be safeguarded until it is delivered to you. Restaurants would only demand reusable or disposable serving plates if you dined there.

DoorDash must also cover the additional packaging costs.

3. The Vehicle and Driver’s Costs

These meal delivery apps have personnel who maintain their apps working, and this is true not only for DoorDash but also for other apps. It’s more accurate to claim that these companies don’t employ them. They are instead subcontracted to provide the service.

DoorDash gives each driver a flat fee that they can accept or refuse in exchange for delivering the food. There is also the cost of the vehicle itself, as well as the cost of fuel and depreciation.

And if they change locations or the driver needs to travel more miles, they charge additional tips to make the delivery worthwhile.

4. Difficult Competition Among Delivery Personnel

Not only are food delivery apps trying to provide you with the desired service, but there is also competition among delivery boys to obtain an order worthy of a large tip.

On the other hand, when apps like DoorDash don’t charge you the extra money, it isn’t easy to find someone to accept and deliver your order.

Consider the following scenario: you have made an order through DoorDash with no additional tip. Now, the app will solicit bids from drivers to deliver the food to your specified area.

Drivers can quickly determine whether or not you have included a gratuity. Many people will deny your delivery request if you haven’t included a gratuity.

Keep in mind that the restaurant has cooked and ready your food, and it is now waiting for someone to pick it up. Time passes, and your food on the counter cools. If no drivers accept the delivery, the app will apologize for not ordering it for you.

As a result, your funds will be returned, and you will still be hungry after 2 hours. To reduce the possibility of such occurring, DoorDash charges a hefty fee, but you can be assured that your food will be delivered on time.

Is DoorDash more expensive than Uber Eats?

Yes. Although both apps use surge pricing, DoorDash is more expensive than Uber Eats. DoorDash typically charges 99 cents to $7.99 + a service fee of 7% to 15%+ on every order, Uber Eats charges $2 – $8 based on the distance of the order location from the restaurant.


Finally, the benefits provided by food delivery services are self-evident from the consumer’s point of view. They are fast and provide many conveniences, allowing people to enjoy their meals from home or the office with minimal fuss. And it’s easy to see why DoorDash is so expensive when they offer so many services.

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