How To Untag on Facebook

Facebook tags help to link a friend’s name and profile to a social media photo, post, or comment. A Facebook tag appears as a clickable name.

You can remove the tag from the original post if you tagged someone by mistake or decide that you don’t want them tagged anymore. Untagging on Facebook will reduce the possibility of a tagged photo or post showing up on the person’s Timeline. The process is similar on a computer or the Facebook mobile app.

This article will teach you how to untag friends and other Facebook users on a desktop or mobile.

Note: When you tag someone on Facebook, the post will appear on their Timeline or profile and pop up in their friends’ News Feed. They can set their tag settings to “automatically” or upon their approval.

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How to Untag On Facebook

We’ve compiled three simple ways to untag someone or something you shared on Facebook.

Follow the step-by-step instructions carefully:

Untag Someone on Facebook by Deleting the Post

Step 1

Choose the story you want to remove a tag from and hover over the story to view the tooltip.

Step 2

Click the Pencil icon and select Delete from the dropdown menu.

Step 3

Go to the original post and click Share to reshare the post without the tags.

Untag Someone on a Facebook Post via Desktop or the Mobile App

Step 1

Log in to your account via or open the Facebook mobile app.

Step 2

Locate the post you’ll like to untag, select the More button, then choose Edit Post from the dropdown menu.

Step 3

If the person you’re untagging is in the text of a post, edit and delete the name.

Step 4

If you want to untag someone you were together with in your post, select that person’s username in the Edit Post section. You also add additional tags.

If you want to remove a tag from your comment, select the downward arrow in the top right of your comment and choose Edit.

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Removing a Photo Tag on Facebook

Untag on desktop

Since you cannot remove a photo tag directly from your Timeline, open the photo by clicking on it, and selecting Edit.

Untag on mobile

Step 1

Locate the photo which you want to untag someone.

Step 2

Open the photo by clicking on it and selecting Edit.

Step 3

Locate the Tag icon at the top of the screen.

Step 4

Untag people by hitting the “x” beside their name.

You can also:

  1. Select Tag Photo at the bottom of the photo.
  2. Hover over the person’s username, select Remove Tag, and select Done Tagging.

Untag Yourself from a Photo 

Here’s what to do:

Step 1

Click on the photo and select Options at the bottom of the photo.

Select the Report/Remove Tag button. The option indicates that you want to remove the tag or request the removal of the photo from Facebook.

You can untag yourself from multiple photos or untag posts one at a time using the Activity log.

Here’s a complete breakdown of method 4:

Step 1

Tap the icon in the top-right corner of Facebook, then select your username.

Step 2

Select Activity log.

Step 3

Select View activity history and choose Filters from the options.

Step 4

Select Categories and choose tagged Activity.

Step 5

Select the Photos you’re tagged in

Step 6

Select the photo you wish to hide, click on the photo, then tap to the right of the photo.

Step 7

Select Remove Tag, and reselect the option to confirm.

Removed tags will no longer show on the post or photo, and the post or photo will remain visible to the audience it was shared with in News Feed or search results.

If you feel the photo is inappropriate and you want it removed from Facebook, ask the poster to take the photo down. If the person isn’t compliant, report the photo to Facebook.

Configure your Tag Settings

You can prevent someone from tagging you and save yourself the bother of untagging.

Locate the downward arrow on the top-right corner of your Facebook profile.

Select Settings, then choose Timeline and Tagging from the options.

You’ll see a couple of tagging options to configure.

Learn more about photo tagging on Facebook from Facebook’s official Help page.

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We hope you’ve successfully learned how to untag on Facebook. Feel free to leave a question if you’re unsure of any steps. We’ll entertain your questions and comments; please leave them below.

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