How To Unlock iPhone Without A Passcode

Are you stumped and unsure how to unlock an iPhone without a passcode? Take it easy, and even if you’re at your wits’ end, don’t flip out. I’ve done it before, and you’ll be shocked at how simple it is. I recognize how inconvenient it is to be unable to unlock your iPhone, and it’s much worse when you need to use your iPhone for something important right now but can’t get to it.

You can be sure that in this day and age of great technology, where you can look for anything online, this won’t be worth sweating off. The only disadvantage will be if you are not technologically skilled. I’ve come up with five basic methods that anyone, regardless of technical knowledge, may use to pull off this significant feat.

In this article, we will look at how to unlock iPhone without a passcode or restore it.

Method 1: Using Find My iPhone, how can you unlock your iPhone without a password

Another method is to use “Find My iPhone” to unlock your iPhone without Siri or a passcode. Cleaning up your gadget only takes a few minutes, and it safely eliminates your iPhone’s lock screen without requiring you to enter your Passcode. If you wish to restore your iPhone data, this is another excellent approach for enabling all features.

You may turn on “Find My iPhone” directly from your iPhone by following the steps below. For the most outstanding results, use the methods listed below:

Step 1: Using your computer or another iOS device, go to and login in with your Apple credentials.

Step 2: Select “All Devices” from the drop-down menu. If you have the “Find my iPhone” feature enabled on your smartphone, you will see your iPhone listed there, and simply click on it and select the “Erase iPhone” option. Then, all of your iPhone’s data, including the Passcode, will be erased. As a result, this method unlocks the iPhone without the use of Siri.

Please keep in mind that your smartphone will now reboot without a passcode. It employs a strategy of restoring your data and rebooting into a new iPhone, requiring a secret passcode to open any iPhone.

Method 2: Using iTunes, how can you unlock an iPhone without a passcode

Also, iTunes can be used to unlock an iPhone without a Passcode to repair a disabled iPhone. However, iTunes will delete your data as well as the Passcode.

Simply follow the steps below to unlock your iPhone without a password using iTunes.

  • Connect your iPhone to a computer with iTunes installed > Select iTunes to restore your iPhone.
  • Before restoring your iPhone, iTunes will back it up; hence, your files will be restored after the device restarts.

Method 3: How to Unlock an iPhone Without a Passcode Using Siri

This section will show you how to unlock your iPhone without a password using Siri. You can think of it as a trick or a hint because you won’t lose any of your iPhone’s data. It produces 100 percent results in even the most challenging scenarios. Based on our survey of iOS 10.3.2 and 10.3.3, Siri was undoubtedly one of the ways to unlock the iPhone without a passcode. You can use this technique to send and read Facebook messages via Siri.

Let us go over the methods below to learn how to unlock an iPhone without Passcode using Siri:

Step 1: Hold down the home button on your iPhone device to enable the Siri feature. It will automatically launch Siri on your iPhone, and it is ready to respond to your voice once it has been engaged. To proceed, simply touch the clock when it appears on your iOS screen.

Step 2: The World clock appears, along with a list of tracks to choose from for the alarm clock.

Step 3: From there, you’ll notice the “purchase more tunes” option, which directs you to the iTunes store.

Step 4: To return to the phone’s main screen, simply press the home button.

As a result of Siri’s assistance, you will be able to access your iPhone without entering a passcode.

Method 4: Use PassFab iPhone Unlocker to gain access to your iPhone without a passcode

PassFab iPhone Unlocker is argueably one of the simplest methods for unlocking an iPhone without a passcode. The program has a 100% success record and is simple to use. All you have to do is install the app and follow the on-screen directions.

The following are some of the app’s primary features:

• Simple to use, even for inexperienced users

• Unlock ANY iPhone/iPod Touch with a locked, disabled, or broken screen.

• Remove Apple ID without using a password or verifying your identity.

• Fully compatible with the most recent iOS/iPadOS 15, iPhone 13, and other devices.

Following the installation and loading of the program on your computer, simply follow these steps to unlock an iPhone without a password.

Step 1: Open the PassFab iPhone Unlocker application.

To begin, launch PassFab on your computer and then connect your device via USB cable.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC in

Click on Next on the PassFab menu for deleting the Lock Screen.

Step 3: Save and Download the Firmware Package

Following that, you must download and store the Firmware package. To download it, you’ll need at least 7GB of free space on your computer.

Step 4: Successfully remove the Lock Screen passcode

After you’ve finished downloading the firmware package, click the “Start Remove” button to remove the passcode from your iPhone.

You’ll be able to open your smartphone and set up a new passcode and authentication method after it’s been deleted.


You can unlock your iPhone without a passcode by following the outlined methods. Because “Find My iPhone” deletes phone data, you can use the Siri vulnerability. You can use Siri to unlock your cellphone without deleting any data. However, Siri’s operation is overly complex, and you must repeat the processes each time you access your phone.

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