How to Take Apart Xbox One Controller

The Xbox One controller is arguably one of the best controllers in the gaming industry. It looks great, is durable, and improves players’ gaming experiences. 

Xbox One Controller

Occasionally, your controller might experience a fault. When it does, your first option should be to take it to a professional for repair or return the controller if it still has a warranty. 

But if you want to fix the controller yourself, you’ll need to look for a clean and clear work table—or something similar—that’s well lit. Next, you need to get the following tools. 

  • T-8 safety Torx
  • Prying tool

Important Note: Taking apart your Xbox One Controller can void the warranty! Ensure it’s no longer under warranty before taking it apart.

Step By Step Guide On How To Take Apart Your Xbox Controller

How To Take Apart Your Xbox Controller
  • Slowly and gently separate the controller grip cover with your prying tool.
  • After separating the left and right sides of the grip cover, pull them apart with your hand.
  • Repeat the process with the second cover. 
  • Next, remove the battery cover.

If your controller has not been taken apart, you will notice that the sticker in the compartment is still intact. So you will have to push through the sticker using your Trox or cut it out completely to gain access to the hidden screw. 

Rather than just removing any screw close to you, start with the crew in the battery compartment with your T-8 safety Trox bit. Do this carefully and apply a little pressure to prevent the screw from stripping. With your Torx bit or driver, remove the screws from the grip one at a time.

Xbox One Controller taken apart
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Do this to the remaining screws. Be careful not to tamper with any other part of the controller. Once you are down to the last two (there are 5 screws), the controller will come apart. 

Once the screws are all removed, you will have complete access to the triggers, rumble motors, and other vital components. Try not to touch or alter them, except if you want to replace parts on the circuit board. To gain access to the other components, gently remove the assembly from the front case and flip it around gently. 

Once flipped, you can now see the analog sticks and your buttons. You can also remove the d-pad ring, the d-pad itself, and many more. 

How To Reassemble The Controller

While taking apart your controller, I’ll advise you to take a mental or actual picture of how things were and where they are supposed to be. This would make the entire process easy.

Once you are done, reverse the steps listed above. Put the assembly of your controller back in its front case; next, put back the rear case and place and tighten all screws, then make sure the grip cover is closed firmly. Finally, put the battery cover back in place. 

Xbox One Controller Basic Repairs

Taking apart your controller is one thing; fixing what is wrong is another. Depending on the fault, some problems can be solved by cleaning its parts, while other problems may require you to change the parts thoroughly. If you don’t know how to solder, I suggest you don’t attempt to replace parts. But if you do, you can go ahead. 

Sometimes, the fault might need a simple fix, like replacing or repairing the D-ring. If your D-ring is not responding as it should, I suggest you use your tweezers or a prying tool to open the spring steel of your d-pad ring gently. 

Gently lift the arms on your d-pad to allow them to apply more pressure, and then reassemble the controller. If it is still not responding correctly after following this procedure, you might want to change your d-pad completely. 

Why Take Apart an Xbox One Controller?

If you are convinced that the controller is not functioning as it should, you can take it apart for further inspection. But first, you must have performed basic troubleshooting like replacing the battery and updating your firmware. Here are some faults that require you to take apart your controller.

  • Drifting analog sticks: This is enough to open up your controller because you need to clean or replace the analog stick to fix this fault.
  • Malfunctioning d-pad: if your d-pad starts malfunctioning, pry up the tabs, open it up properly, and replace it if necessary. 
  • Inoperable audio jack: You’ll need to open the controller to verify that the jack is seated correctly and is making contact; if not, you might need to replace it. 
  • Open the controller; next, use canned air or any other effective method to remove build-ups like gunk. 

What really makes the Xbox One controller stand out is its durability and simplicity. Even if it develops a fault, opening the controller and applying a simple fix will not be much of a problem. The steps listed above are enough to fix basic faults, but if the issue continues, ensure you reach out to professionals for help

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