8 Fixes for Snapchat Not Loading Snaps

Snapchat is a global social media program used to send messages and images that only live for a few seconds. It’s also an area where you may upload articles and content in chronological order, but it’s only viewable for 24 hours. It is a well-known messaging program where users may exchange snaps (photos and recordings) back and forth.

Snaps are intended to vanish once they have been seen by the person you are texting. It is marketed as a “new type of camera” because its primary function is to take a photo or video and add filters, emojis, and focal points to your photos.

Snapchat is the preferred choice for young people looking for short social media updates. Snapping and sending photos is an everyday activity among users. They use snaps to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on in their lives.

These snaps are similar to image stories that last 24 hours, and they automatically remove themselves after 24 hours. Users may not see the snap they get on the app at times. They see a black screen with the words “touch to load the snap” on it. Nothing appears on the screen even after tapping. Is there any way to resolve this?

Why is Snapchat not loading snaps?

Application crashes in mobile phones are frequently caused by a lack of RAM or other types of memory difficulties. The app may crash due to various issues, including faulty updates or poor programming. All of these scenarios can lead to the corruption of an application, and as a result, it becomes unstable and ceases to function correctly.

How to Troubleshoot Snapchat Not Loading Snaps

If your snaps aren’t loading correctly, you can’t view photographs and videos in chat, or it won’t load pictures in conversation, you’re one step closer to resolving the issue.

You can also resolve additional Snapchat issues in this area, such as when you utilize the Snapchat camera and see a black screen with no error message. You may have waited a few minutes for the video to load, but it just will not do so. Similarly, you may have noticed a grey preview image in the received snaps, which likewise does not load properly.

So, in this section, you can find solutions to all of these Snapchat, not working issues.

Now, if your Snapchat isn’t successfully loading stories or pictures in chat, try the techniques listed below.

Restart Your Phone

The most basic solution to Snapchat snaps not loading is to reset the mobile phone. This solution will suffice if there is only a minor mistake, such as your program not loading correctly. So, first and foremost, restart your mobile or gadget, which may also resolve the Snapchat issues.

To restart your mobile phone, whether it’s Android or iOS, follow the steps below;

For Android users: Press and hold the power button until the restart screen appears. Now, simply press the restart button, and you’re done.

For iPhone and iPad users: Press and release the volume up and down keys, press and release the power button until the screen goes black.

Activate Your Snapchat Permissions

If restarting your phone does not work, it is possible that Snapchat did not obtain authorization from your phone’s storage, geolocation, and other features. If you do not provide access, Snapchat will be unable to identify screenshots, preserve specific content, scan Snapcodes, and perform other functions.

So, if Snapchat isn’t loading images, allow Snapchat permission. Android devices and iOS devices can both use this method.

1. Launch Snapchat and select your profile.

2. Now, tap on the setting gear symbol in the upper right area.

3. Tap on the permission under the Privacy section.

4. Now, allow all of the permissions and exit the app.

Clear Snapchat’s Cache

A cache is a small section of CPU memory that stores a duplicate of information or data. When you download the Snapchat app, the cache begins to collect data from the app. If the cache is complete, the cache can cause various difficulties in the program. Clear the app cache if the Snapchat snaps aren’t loaded.

Follow the easy procedures outlined below to erase Snapchat’s cache.

1. Tap the upper left corner icon for your profile when you open the app.

2. Now, tap on the setting gear symbol in the upper right area.

3. Tap the Delete Cache button under the Account action section to clear all your Snapchat caches. Don’t be concerned; it only removes duplicate files and data; your memory backup will not be erased.

Examine Your Wi-Fi Connection

A poor Wi-Fi connection can potentially be why Snapchat is not loading snaps or stories. Perhaps your internet connection is insufficient to load Snapchat snaps, photos, or stories. In this case, restart your Wi-Fi router to see if the problem has been resolved. To restart the router, press and hold the little button on the router’s backside for 10 seconds.

Modify Your Wi-Fi DNS

If your Wi-Fi connection is fine, your DNS (Domain Name System) may be unstable. In this situation, changing your DNS will resolve Snapchat not working or snaps not loading issues. Changing the DNS works for some persons or devices; therefore, those who know how to do it may be able to do it for you as well.

Follow the procedures below to update the DNS.

1. Navigate to your mobile settings by selecting the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Tap on the connection section, which includes your Wi-Fi.

3. Now, tap on your Wi-Fi and select Advanced.

4. In the IP Settings section, change the DHCP setting to Static.

5. Next, on DNS 1, delete the previous IP address and enter Likewise, on DNS 2, enter

Finally, save the modifications.

Removing and re-adding Snapchat Friends

You can also remove and re-add your Snapchat buddies to resolve the issue. In certain circumstances, this solution works, and you can once again enjoy Snapchat without encountering any problems. Be assured that it would destroy or remove any previously received and sent photos. So, if you’re okay with that, simply follow the simple steps outlined below to put this strategy into action.

1. Launch Snapchat and navigate to your profile.

2. Now, go to the My Friends section and choose the person you are having problems with.

3. Tap the three-dot line, then select the Remove Friend option.

Nota bene: You can also tap and hold a specific user and select Remove Friend.

Re-add your friends after you’ve accomplished the preceding step.

Clear the Snapchat Message

If your snaps, images, or stories are not loading correctly, you can erase all Snapchat interactions.

Use the simple actions listed below to clear the Snapchat discussion.

This will not remove any saved or sent messages from your discussion.

1. Launch Snapchat and navigate to your profile.

2. Now, press on the gear symbol for settings.

3. Select Clear Conversation from the Privacy area.

4. Now, tap on the cross mark next to your friend with whom you have problems, and then hit Clear.

Reinstall Snapchat

If none of the methods work, the problem is most likely with your Snapchat app. Perhaps your app is out of date and requires a new version, or it contains issues. If your Snapchat isn’t working, try updating or reinstalling the app.

You can update or reinstall Snapchat by following the instructions below.

• Uninstall the Snapchat app.

• For Android users, go to the Play Store, and for iPhone users, go to the App Store.

• Look for the most recent version of Snapchat and download and install it on your device.


Snapchat is one of the most entertaining and secure programs for sharing treasured moments with friends and family, but having a problem while posting snaps might leave you exhausted. All of the options presented above are simple to implement and take little time.

So, if you cannot load your photos and see a black or grey screen with no error notice, restart your phone. If the problem persists, check for an update and your network connection. If your problem hasn’t been resolved yet, try clearing your conversation with your buddy or re-adding them.

Now, after each remedy, bear in mind that you must test your Snapchat app to see if the problem persists. Otherwise, you’ll be going in circles. However, if everything else fails, it could be a Snapchat issue. If that’s the case, wait a few hours before attempting again. Check out the permissions that are enabled as well.

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