How to Screenshot on Motorola

Even before the introduction of smartphones, Motorola has been in the mobile phone business. They are the manufacturers of some of our classic phones. And unlike most early mobile phone manufacturers, Motorola remained relevant even today. 

Screenshot on Motorola

It has the Moto G Stylus, the foldable Moto Razr, the Moto Edge 30X, and many more. 

If you are new to using a Motorola smartphone, you’ll notice it is quite different from other Android smartphones, especially when carrying out basic tasks like taking pictures and screenshots. 

If you are finding it difficult to screenshot a page, this content contains a breakdown of how to capture screenshots on Motorola devices. 

Note: The instructions here may differ based on your Motorola model. However, any difference between models is not too farfetched, so this content is relevant irrespective of the Motorola model. 

Screenshot Using Your Phone Buttons

Like on other Android devices, you can use the button of your Motorola to screenshot a page quickly. This is the most popular screenshot method. Here’s how to use a screenshot on your Motorola:

  • Hold down your power and reduce the volume button simultaneously until your screen flashes.
  • Once the screen flashes, you can let go of both buttons.
  • You can bring up the screenshot shortcut with your phone’s power button.
  • Press the power button for a few seconds, and a shortcut dialog will appear. 
  • In the shortcut list, tap the screenshot icon.

Screenshot Using Recent Apps Shortcut

Motorola allows users to screenshot using the Screenshot shortcut option. This can be done through the recent items menu. To try out this option, follow these steps: 

Use the user navigation to draw a partner from the bottom to somewhere around the middle of your screen. This gesture will open your recent items menu. But if you are using the three-button navigation method, tap the recent items menu. 

You can browse horizontally through the screens, and if you see something you want to save, tap the screenshot button at the bottom. But if the page is grayed out, it means you are not allowed to capture the screen.

Use a gesture

If you feel that the button or the app method is tasking, you can take a screenshot using the gesture option. 

Before you can do this, you’ll need to go to your settings and enable this option first. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Open your phone’s settings to the Display option, and next tap on Advanced, selecting Three-finger screenshot. Finally, toggle it on, and you are good to go.
  • Once activated, find the content you wish to capture.
  • Swipe down three fingers from the top of the display to take a screenshot.
  • Capture long screenshots

Do you want to include more content beyond that displayed on your screen? You can also take a long screenshot on Motorola phones. This means capturing more than one page as one. To do this;

  • Once the screenshot dialog appears, tap the double-down arrow icon below the screenshot preview.
  • The phone will display a “processing” dialog while scrolling the screen to capture it progressively. You can touch Stop to halt the process at any time.

How to Capture Screenshot With Voice Assistant 

With your Google command, you can capture screenshots if your hands are full. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Go to the content that you want to capture. 
  • Say hey, Google, to activate your Google Assistant.
  • Then instruct it to take a screenshot.

Note: Before this method can work, you must be connected to the internet. 

How to view a screenshot on Motorola

After you’ve taken a screenshot, it will be saved in one of your Motorola smartphone’s image folders. You can view the screenshot from there.

Let us say you have successfully taken a screenshot. The image goes directly to your Motorola smartphone’s image folders. To view the picture, follow these steps; 

  1. Go to your Motorola smartphone’s camera and click on the mini gallery at the bottom left; this will take you directly to the gallery.
  2. Go to your gallery directly and look for the screenshot folder.
  3. Go to your file manager, search for the screenshot folder, and click on the image. 

You can also send screenshot images to your smartphone through any messaging app. Just click on it and share it. You can also share with dedicated sharing apps like Xender or Shareit.

Motorola has several models, from the foldable Moto Razr to the latest Moto G Stylus and the Motorola Edge. But if this is the first time you have used this amazing smartphone, you may find it a little different from others, especially if you want to take a screenshot. 

So this article is all about how you can take screenshots with your Motorola device. I hope this article comes in handy. I am excited to know which of the methods you would like to try out first. 

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