10 Ways to Record a Phone Call

Recording Phone Calls on Android and iOS Smartphones is fast becoming an essential topic of discussion in online forums, with many Smartphone users desiring the easiest ways to go about it.

But finding the best way to record a phone call can be challenging, especially with the volume of unreliable information available on the internet.

We’ll explore, in this article, the ten most effortless ways to record a phone call using an android or iOS mobile device. 

Recording a Phone call On a Smartphone Using Inbuilt Phone Recorder

Most recent Smartphones come with a built-in Phone Call Recorder that can offer good recording quality. Let’s explore the android and iOS versions of inbuilt phone call recorders.

1. Recording Phone Call with Inbuilt Recorder on Android

Phone call recording capability is restricted to only Android Smartphones running Android 9 Pie and above. 

Some of the most popular Android phones with inbuilt recording apps include the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus (5G), Samsung Galaxy S8 and above, Poko F3 GT, Realme Narzo 30, Samsung Galaxy M31)M32/A22, Vivo 21e (5G), Xiaomi Mi 11X, etc.

If you’re using an Android Smartphone with Voice call Recorder pre-installed, follow these steps to record an ongoing voice call.

  • Tap on the Phone Settings icon to access the General Settings Menu
  • Head to the Call Recording App and select it to enable voice recording during calls.
  • You can choose the calls to record by heading to the Always Record option in the list and choosing Selected Numbers. 
  • Now tap on Add to choose the contacts to record.
  • Finalize by selecting Always Record if you want all calls from these contacts to be recorded.

Once this is all set up, you’ll be able to record a phone call quickly. 

How do I start Recording once I’ve set up Call Recording on my Android Smartphone?

You’ll notice an icon for call recording on your display screen whenever you’re making or receiving a call. Tap on the Call Recorder icon to start recording any phone call.

How do I listen to the recorded Phone Calls on my Android Smartphone?

  • You can access the recorded phone calls in File Manager. Open device file manager and locate the Call Recorder Folder. All recorded calls will be saved there.
  • Alternatively, tap on your Phone app and view the recent calls; select the particular call to open the recorded Phone conversation.

2.  Record Phone Call with Inbuilt Recorder on iPhone

Until recently, call recording features were almost impossible for iPhone users without using 3rd party apps and software. 

Nowadays, however, one can set up almost any android or iOS mobile device for automated call recording functions. 

Recording a voice call on iPhones works quite differently than on android devices.

The iOS platform has been a crusader for privacy and data security right from the beginning, so adding a voice call Recorder into their iPhones might seem like a violation of their privacy policy.

That’s not to say iPhone users can’t record voice calls with an inbuilt app, though the best-inbuilt app to make voice calls on an iPhone is called a Voice Memos.

The excellent news is Voice Memos is available on all iPhones, as long as it’s signed into iCloud.

How to Record a Phone Call on iPhone using Voice Memos

Remember that Voice Memos works best while recording from the phone’s speaker instead of an inbuilt earpiece. 

You’ll also need the Voice Memos of another iPhone to record your call, as Apple doesn’t allow Voice Memos to record calls from the same phone.

  • Launch Voice Memos on the other iPhone by tapping on the Voice Memos icon.
  • Start your call on the other iPhone and place it on the loudspeaker.
  • Once the contact receives the call, start recording on Voice Memos.

Using Phone Call Recording Apps 

Phone Call recording apps remain the best bet for the excellent recording of Phone calls, especially for official purposes.

There are several free and paid Phone Call Recording Apps available online today, and we’ll be considering a few of them for Android and iOS smartphones.

Phone Call Recording Apps for iPhone

  • TapeACall Pro
  • Rev Call Recorder
  • iRec Call Recorder

3. TapeACall Pro

record phone call with TapeACall Pro

TapeACall is a simple, easy-to-use phone call recording app for iOS and Android Smartphones.

TapeACall has a robust community of users, including professional Journalists and Technical Support agents in major corporate and commercial enterprises.

The process of setting up TapeACall is simple,

  • First, call a unique TapeACall line to initiate voice recording in your mobile device.
  • Next, call your preferred contact, and TapeACall records the conversation in the TapeACall app.

While you only get a minute of free recording to try out the feature, TapeACall Pro is available for $11/yr with unlimited phone call recordings.

TapeACall works as a call conferencing app, so ensure your voice call subscription plan supports this feature. Get TapeACall Pro here.

4. Rev Call Recorder

Rev Call Recorder

This voice call recording app is available in the Google playstore and Apple AppStore for Android and iPhone users.

Setting up Rev Call Recording in an iPhone isn’t so technical. The best part is that it’s free to use; you can enjoy unlimited phone call recording sessions with professional audio quality.

Rev Call Recorder automatically detects incoming, and outgoing calls once set up on your iPhone. To record a phone call, tap on the Record button.

Rev Call Recorder has some limitations; free outgoing calls are limited to US residents only, which means you might incur charges when attempting to record a phone call outside the US.

You can head to the Rev Call Recorder app to listen to all recorded Phone Calls; and If you’re interested in transcribing it into a professional script, Rev Call Recorder offers such services at reasonably priced rates.

Get the Rev Call Recorder app here.

5. iRec Call Recording App

The iRec Call Recording App is another excellent option for iPhone users to record phone calls; the best part is it’s available for local and international call destinations.

iRec works similarly to Rev Call Recorder, with its automatic voice call detection feature. You also have an opportunity to try the app for free, but you’ll have to pay a small fee for the full version.

Once installed in your phone, you can record all phone calls either by dialing the contact directly in the iRec Call Recording App or pressing the record icon from the phone dialer once a call session begins.

Phone Call Recording Apps for Android

  • Call Recorder ACR
  • Call Recorder Automatic
  • Call Recorder Cube ACR
  • Google Voice

6. Call Recorder ACR

The ACR (Another Call Recorder) is a group of Call Recording Apps with various recording options for Android users.

First on our list is the Call Recorder ACR. One great feature of this app is the trash folder, where it stores all calls recorded automatically.

That’s to say, even when you forgot to record a phone call, it discreetly keeps a copy of all such calls in a trash folder for a limited amount of time, allowing you to go back and retrieve the calls.

Call Recorder Cube ACR is another great member of the ACR family with the unique ability to record voice calls and voice messages on social media accounts.

With Call Recorder Cube ACR, you can record voice calls and VoIP calls (Voice Over Internet Protocol). This includes Skype, Viber, Facebook, Hangouts, IMO, WeChat, WhatsApp, Slack, Telegram, etc.

Other members of the ACR family include the Automatic Call Recorder ACR, Call Recorder License ACR, and ACR Phone Recorder. Still, they all primarily do the same thing, only do it differently.

7. Google Voice App

Google Voice is probably the most popular voice recording app for Android devices.

Although only available in selected countries, it’s an efficient recorder of voice calls on Android devices.

Once installed, you’ll have to sign in with your Google account, after which you’re given a Google voice Phone number that can be used to send SMS, voicemail, or voice calls.

The only limitation to Google voice is it can’t record outgoing calls. You can only use it to record incoming calls, but Google Voice compensates for this by allowing international calls on the Google Voice App at no extra cost. 

Although Google isn’t entirely free, most of the calls you’ll make in the US and Canada will be free, with a 1 cent per minute charge only on unique numbers.

Using Dedicated Voice Recorders

Analog and digital recorders were used before the arrival of Smartphones to record voice calls for official purposes.

These devices have been improved to offer top-quality Audio recording performance in our modern digital age. 

Some popular Digital Voice Recorders include,

  • PR 200 Recorder Gear
  • Sony UX560 Voice Recorder
  • AiWorth Digital Voice Recorder

8. Using a PR 200 Recorder Gear to Record Voice Call

The PR 200 Recorder Gear is a multifunctional device that can connect wirelessly to your Smartphone to record your Phone Calls.

PR 200 Recorder Gear

It can also be used as a hand-held recorder for interviews and meetings. You’ll be able to record both incoming and outgoing calls on this device simply by connecting it with your phone’s Bluetooth.

9. Using a Sony UX560 Voice Recorder

Rated as the best voice recorder in 2022, it delivers the best audio recording quality.

It packs a 4GB internal memory that can be expanded using a micro SD card and has a long-lasting battery to support extended recording up to 39 hours.

Sony UX560 Voice Recorder

Once you’re done with the recording, it’s easy to transfer the recorded files into a PC/laptop for further processing.

10. Using AiWorth E36 Digital Voice Recorder

This is one of the few professional voice recorders with external headphones and a microphone.

It packs an impressive 800mAh battery size that records up to 45 hours and can store up to 1,160 hours of audio recording in its inbuilt 16GB memory, ideal for regular usage.

AiWorth E36 Digital Voice Recorder

Recording voice calls on the AiWorth Digital Voice Recorder is easy to set up and guarantees the best audio recording quality with its double microphone and intelligent recording IC.

One distinguishing feature it possesses is its 3-digit password security layer, ensuring your private calls remain secured away from unwarranted access.

Using other Mobile Devices to Record a Voice Call

Perhaps you’re not so keen on spending extra cash on digital voice recorders or wasting time installing applications that only consume memory space in your Smartphone; there’s a more straightforward, effortless way to record your phone calls.

That’s by using other Mobile Devices like Smartphones, tablets, iPhones, laptops, or MacBook PCs.

The process is quite simple; you turn on the mic in the recording device and start the inbuilt recorder.

Once you’re done with the recording, you can save the audio file for more editing or transcription.

While the audio quality from this setup will be poor compared to other apps and dedicated voice recorders, the process is relatively easy to set up. It is ideal for recording phone calls without any official or professional relevance.

Why do People Record their Phone Calls?

  • To produce call text scripts for research and data analysis
  • For follow-up and to respond to queries
  • To make official reports and minutes.
  • To analyze data from research records.
  • It can help train new employees or beneficiaries in a program
  • It can be a way to track customer reviews on promotional campaigns and products satisfaction
  • It is also effective in measuring quality assurance and Compliance ratings to promote better service delivery.
  • To satisfy one’s curiosity and keep a record of favorite discussions with loved ones.
  • Whatever your reasons, one must always be mindful of the legalities and laws governing phone call recording policies in your location.

Factors to Consider Before Recording a Phone Call

  1. The Legal Consequences of recording a Phone Call in the region (Misdemeanor or felony for violating consent laws).

Places like India have strict laws prohibiting phone call recording. If you’re planning on recording your phone calls, ensure you’re not breaking any laws that could lead to criminal prosecution.

2. The Simplicity of the recording Method to be Adopted 

Depending on your basic technical skills, it’s best to apply a phone call recording Method that works for you, keeping all complexities at the barest minimum.

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