20 Best Philosophy Podcasts

Introducing the best Philosophy podcasts you have to listen to. Whether you’re a philosophy buff or someone with questions that have remained unanswered, these philosophy podcasts will help enlighten you.

These 20 podcasts are great for those curious readers and listeners who are interested in the subject. Each podcast provides great entertainment while doing dishes or staying at home. It also helps you with the many existential dilemmas you might face.

20 Philosophy Podcasts You Must Listen To

1. The Partially Examined Life Philosophy Podcast

First on the list is the Partially Examined Life Philosophy Podcast. This widely renowned podcast is known for its enlightening discussion on famous philosophers such as Friedrich Nietzsche. It also discusses the history of philosophy and welcomes high-profile guests such as Mark Linsenmayer and Dylan Casey. What’s not to love about this podcast?

2. Elucidations

Next up, we have elucidations. Recorded at the University of Chicago, this podcast includes gritty discussions on philosophical beliefs and expertise along with morality. This podcast is hosted by Matt Teichman. He is a lecturer in the division of humanities at, you guessed it, the University of Chicago.

Grab a seat and listen to the enlightening discussions this host has with some prominent philosophers. We’re sure you’ll find that listening to episodes of Elucidations can be nothing short of fruitful.

3. History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

Next up, we have the History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps. This is another philosophy podcast and it is hosted by Peter Adamson. Here, you’re able to listen to Adamson share answers to some thought-provoking philosophical questions, providing insight into a variety of topics.

4. The Big Idea

The Big Idea is a podcast by BBC World Service. This podcast tackles ideas that are changing and shaping the world. From economics to psychology to political science and anthropology, it’s difficult to not get hooked into this podcast. It will leave you wanting more.

5. Philosophy Talk

Next, we have the Philosophy Talk podcast. This podcast is co-hosted by three Stanford University professors namely John Perry, Ken Taylor, and Joshua Landy. Listen as these three engage in an informed discourse on anything philosophical. Although the podcast itself is quite formal and academic, there is nothing boring about it.

6. Think Again

Moving on to the next podcast, we have Think Again hosted by Jason Gots. This is a podcast that takes people out of their comfort zones by discussing controversial topics in true philosophical finish. Discussions can turn heated but it guarantees a whole lot of fun.

7. In Our Time

Another great podcast for you to listen to is this one hosted by Melvyn Bragg. This is a podcast with episodes posted weekly. This podcast tackles the history of philosophy, famous philosophers such as Nietzsche and more.

8. Philosophize This!

One of the best podcasts that introduce you to the world of philosophy is “Philosophize this!” hosted by Stephen West. If you’re looking for more in-depth discussions on philosophical concepts, this is not the podcast for you.

However, it is a great way to start your philosophy journey as Stephen West is able to incorporate relatable examples making his podcast more engaging.

9. The Philosophy Guy

The Philosophy Guys is a podcast hosted by Brended Weber. This podcast features fruitful talks on a good philosophical journey and the meaning behind certain concepts. It goes less into the academic side of things and more into actionable insights and morals of the story.

Overall, this is a great podcast you should listen to if you’re interested in philosophy or would like to get to know more.

10. The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

Before we discuss what the podcast discusses, you should know who runs it or hosts it. Dr. Jordan B. Petersoon, a renowned psychologist.

This podcasts features topics like the relationship between science and religion, values and perception, the interplay between motivation, emotion and cognition and the nature of human personality.

11. WTF with Marc Maron

A lot of the philosophical podcasts I’ve just shown you were quite academic. Marc Maron is able to inject comedy into his podcasts for a more engaging experience with audiences no matter their knowledge of philosophy.

This podcast also has a few episodes with some very famous people including the US’ former President Obama.

12. Very Bad Wizards

This podcast features two experts namely Tamler Sommers and David Pizarro. They talk about philosophy, psychology, and more. Very Bad Wizards, despite his name, is not a very bad podcast. In fact, it might be one of the best.

13. Philosophy Talk Starters

Hosted and produced by Ken Taylor, Josh Landy, Debra Satz, and John Perry, this podcast is a great one helping you examine your life and change what needs to be changed. This podcast tackles pop culture, humanistic and moral views, and more.

14. Philosophy Bites

Presented and hosted by two great professionals namely David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton, this podcast interviews philosophers or professionals. The best part about this podcast is that the lines are not long which I’m sure you’re very happy I included.

15. Hi-Phi Nation

Turn stories into something more through Hi-Phi nation. Hosted by Barry Lam, this podcast is a great choice. It even provides you with the latest news on a variety of matters. Get yourself up-to-date on matters like politics and enjoy the ride this podcast is bound to bring you on.

16. Zero Squared

This podcast is hosted by Douglas Lain and once again tackles controversial topics through honest discussions. This podcast has constantly been contacted by numerous debates over a variety of things.

17. WHY? Philosophical Discussions About Everyday Life

A lot of times, these podcasts talk about things that some of us might not be able to relate to. Enter WHY?. This podcast creates discussions about relatable topics still related to philosophy. It is down-to-earth in nature, warm, and welcoming to make the audience feel more included and comfortable.

18. Intelligence Squared

We’re nearing the end of the list and if you think that means the quality of podcasts are decreasing, think again. Intelligence Squared is ready to prove you wrong. This is the best podcast for heated debates and intellectual discussions on issues such as diplomacy. Listen in on debates with some of the world’s wittiest and smartest orators.

19. Pop Culture Philosophers

Ah, pop culture. From the title itself, you’ve probably already guessed that this podcast tackles pop culture and how it fits into society. This is one of the reasons why this podcast has started to gain some popularity.

Because of how relevant the topics are to the present situation and how pop culture plays a huge role in our lives today, this podcast is starting to get more and more spotlight.

We’re not saying, however, that this is not well-deserved. After all, this podcast does introduce you to pop culture and is able to thoroughly discuss it. This podcast is hosted by John Holshoe and Rockin’ Robbie Billups.

20. The Philosopher’s Zone

Addressing and answering big questions regarding philosophy is this podcast’s speciality. It offers great insights into some of the most controversial topics and issues. Listen to some of this podcast’s brilliant episodes that fascinate and intrigue you.

The Takeaway

There is a multitude of philosophical questions that still remain unanswered. However, these podcasts provide great knowledge on some very fascinating topics. Enjoy these 20 philosophy podcasts delivered by authors, professors, and professionals. Explore these thought-provoking podcasts that will enlighten you on the meaning of life.

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