10 Movie Pirating Websites to Avoid

Despite streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu existing, torrent sites still remain popular and continue to gain popularity. Thus, finding the right and safe sites are a must. Let’s rule out all the sites you should not be using. Here are 10 of the worst movie pirating websites that you have to avoid and we’ll explain why.

Avoid these 10 Movie Pirating Websites

1. 1337x.tw

First off, we have 1337x.tw. Although 1337x is a reliable website founded in 2007, there are many knock-offs that are unsafe. You have to be very careful and make sure that what you choose to use will be safe. Avoid this website as we are not sure how safe it is. For all we know, it could try to inject a virus into your laptop.

2. yts.rs

For those who don’t know, YTS is a torrent site offering high-quality movies. Although it has a lot of ads, it is still generally considered trustworthy. However, there are, once again, a whole lot of knock-offs you should be aware of. One of the many is the yts site that ends with .rs. Please visit the real site instead.


RARBG was created in 2008. It hosts anything from high-quality video releases and movies to music and games. The problem with it is that it is not hosted on a secure connection server.

This goes to show that this site might be unsafe and downloading movies here might be harmful. Although having a VPN to use is very helpful, it still doesn’t bode well that the movies, games, and music are not hosted on a secure connection. There are other better options such as The Pirate Bay.

4. The pirate bay

Speaking of Pirate Bay, our next movie pirating website is a knock-off of this. When you look up Pirate Bay on your browser, there are other sites such as this one. Instead of visiting the other sites, please visit the real Pirate Bay.

5. 1337x.is

Much like the first site I’ve mentioned, this is a knock-off of 1377x which is the third most popular torrent website. It is a site for movies, television shows, and music. If you stay away from knock-offs and clones such as 1337x.is, you’ll be able to have a more secure experience as the real 1337x has a dedicated secure connection.

6. limetorrents.cyou

Limetorrents is another site you can use for your movies, shows, and more. Limetorrents boasts a library with tons of torrents across a variety of media types. Aside from that, you are able to download safely when you visit the real site.

However, because it continues to gain more and more popularity, there are more and more clones coming out including this one. Avoid the limetorrents site that ends with .cyou as it is a clone. We’re not sure if it has a secure connection. Instead, use this site.

7. yts.vc

This is something you should avoid as it is another fake site. It might contain fake links that could cause your personal information to be leaked. For a better and safer experience, we suggest using the real YTS site as it has a better reputation.

8. 123movies.net

This is a streaming site that continues to gain more and more popularity as it allows you to watch movies for free. This might be appealing to a lot of people but you have to be wary of the fake sites with the same names as they might contain viruses and malware that could harm your computer.

9. 123movies-to.org

Another fake streaming site is this one. It ends with movies-to.org. If you see it, avoid it. We are not sure just how secure and safe this can be.

10. yts.movie

Finally, we have the yts.movie site. This site is another knock-off or clone of the actual YTS site and does not contain a secured connection. Although using a VPN should help a bit, you can never be too sure especially when it comes to your safety on the internet.

Clicking on the wrong link can lead to personal information being leaked or viruses installed on laptops. We’d like to avoid that as much as possible so keep a lookout on this website.

What are some safe movie torrent sites?

Movie pirating sites are ILLEGAL in most countries. You should understand the law of your country before using them.

We’ve mentioned a variety of sites you should be avoiding. So what sites can you actually use? The top one is Pirate Bay. It is the best-known site globally and it is safer because it verifies uploaders and informs you on the trustworthiness of torrents.

The next would be 1337x which contains a vast number of shows and movies. Finally, we have YTS which is a great site with tons of movies made available to you.

How can I make my experience more secure?

One great way to do just that is by using a VPN. VPNs help hide your IP address and cover your tracks. There are tons of VPNs you can avail of including Surfshark VPN which is the most popular one and NordVPN which is a top contender.

Another way to be more secure would be by using an ad blocker. Tons of sites have ads you should be careful of, so we suggest using ad blockers aside from the VPN. One great ad blocker is AdBlocker Ultimate which is a Chrome extension you’re free to use.

The Takeaway

You can never be too sure about torrent sites. More often than not, they’re untrustworthy and unreliable. When you’re looking for these sites, you’ll have to know what to avoid and what to trust. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of 10 movie pirating websites you have to avoid at all costs.

These 10 should be avoided for a variety of reasons. They could cause your computer or laptop to download a virus among other things. Be wary of the things you see and find online. We hope that this guide has helped you find out how to enjoy movies safely.

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