4 Fixes for iPhone Screen Glitching Problem

Anyone who has to cope with a glitchy iPhone understands how inconvenient it is.

Nowadays, we rely on our cell phones for almost everything, and they can help you communicate with loved ones, stay on top of professional obligations, and so much more. According to studies, we pick up our smartphones 52 times every day.

Unfortunately, iPhones, like any other technological product, can occasionally malfunction. A glitchy iPhone may fail to load your screen as quickly as it should, or you may notice that the brightness occasionally jumps up and down for no apparent reason.

If you’re sick of asking yourself, “Why is my iPhone screen glitching?” Then you may have already started looking for a new smartphone — one that does not have all of the issues. Sometimes replacing a glitching phone is the most pleasing thing you can do to restore order to your life. But don’t be too hasty.

This article will reveal to you how to solve glitches in iPhones. You may be able to keep your iPhone for a bit longer if you understand how to cope with the iPhone screen glitch or what you need to do to maximize your device’s speed.

Possible Causes of iPhone Screen Glitching

Here are a few of the most common glitches, causes, and how to fix them.

1. Consistent Falls

If your iPhone is continuously falling and breaking, it could cause screen problems. If this occurs, your only option is to have your iPhone’s LCD repaired, and you might also buy a new one.

2. Water damage

Despite the marketing claims, your smartphone isn’t as watertight as you would assume. No iPhone is waterproof; instead, it is water-resistant. You do receive some protection from things like rain and splashes with your smartphone, but we wouldn’t recommend putting it to the test beyond that.

If you chance to drop your phone in the toilet (it happens), make sure to switch it off and place it somewhere where it can dry out. If you have dry rice or silica gel packets, these are excellent for removing unnecessary moisture from your phone.

While your phone is drying out, don’t look at it or use it for at least 24 hours — as tricky as it may sound, the more you play with it, the more likely you are to do extra harm. If drying your phone does not work, you should consider taking it to Apple and requesting assistance.

You might be able to receive a repair at the Apple Store, but you’ll have to pay for it because the company’s warranty does not cover water damage.

3. Difficult Applications/Overheating

Have you ever noticed that your phone gets hotter as you use it more? When you use your iPhone a lot, it’s usual to overheat. The more you use your phone, the more electricity it generates, and heat is a natural byproduct of that. However, if your phone is continually red-hot, you’ll need to make some adjustments.

Begin by ensuring that there aren’t too many apps running in the background of your glitching phone. To see your apps on your iPhone’s home screen, press the home button twice and swipe left or right. You may also view your apps by going to Settings > General > Background.

If you have a lot of apps open at once, close some of them because they’re wasting your battery and heating up your phone.

You could also consider taking a break from your phone for a while. Put it down and read a book for a time instead. Please place it in a darkened area and remove the case, as this may be contributing to the problem. Your case protects your phone, but it also prevents heat from dissipating effectively.

If you discover that your phone only glitches when using a specific program, try removing that app or game and restarting your device.

4. Issues with charging

One of the most typical issues with a glitching iPhone is that it no longer charges. There could be a variety of issues here. For example, like a headphone connector, the charging port could be clogged with debris. Cleaning the ports thoroughly and retrying the charger may be all that is required.

Alternatively, your charging cable or cube may no longer be working correctly. Wall chargers are prone to breaking, especially those purchased directly from Apple. Before you give up and start hunting for a new battery, make sure you can’t charge your phone with another device.

You might learn that the issue is due to a bug in your iPhone’s firmware. Restarting your phone is a quick and easy solution to fix this and many other minor problems.

5. Failure of the System

Another instance is when your iPhone’s operating system fails. There are numerous potential sources of failure in the system, and it could be due to excessive usage of phone storage, using while charging, etc.

6. Defective Hardware

Furthermore, iPhone glitching could be the result of a hardware problem. A glitchy battery, for example, can impair the phone’s performance and damage the screen.

7. A crackling noise

A glitching phone may have nothing to do with the screen and everything to do with how your gadget sounds. If you’ve encountered this issue during a call, you may have noticed some crackling or discomfort while listening to someone or making a video call.

The issue could be with your Apple software, so check your settings to see if updates are available. Plugin your device and make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi — you don’t want to download a software update using your phone’s connectivity.

When you’re ready to update, select install and, if requested, enter your passcode. If updating the software does not resolve the problem, returning to Apple for some hardware testing is necessary. There could be an issue with the earpiece.

Using your Bluetooth headphones to make a call instead of the earpiece is an intelligent approach to see whether there’s a problem with it. If the sound continues to crackle, the firmware is most likely to blame. If you don’t notice any sound issues, the earpiece could be the reason for the glitch.

8. Unexpected restarts/freezes of the screen

iPhone screen glitches are among the most prevalent problems encountered by today’s customers. If you detect a screen freeze or an unexpected restart, you may discover that the problems continuously occur – one after the other. The good news is that the issue may not be as terrible as it appears. Your phone may be glitching is due to a problem with the logic board.

If you own an iPhone 8 – you’re very likely to have a problem with the logic board since Apple uncovered a flaw in phones sold in several countries between September 2017 and March 2018. The simplest way to solve this problem is to go to the Apple website. If your iPhone has an eligible serial number, Apple will repair or replace it for free.

If your screen is flashing on and off and there is no problem with the logic board, try fully charging it to ensure that it has all the power it requires, then restarts the phone. Everything will be refreshed as a result of this. Closing any background apps will help reduce your chances of a sudden reset caused by glitchy software. Searching “Why is my iPhone screen glitching?” on Google will also direct you to Apple forums, where you can find more common difficulties related to the model of iPhone you own. To resolve an issue, you may need to hard reset your phone or upgrade to a new version of the software.

Methods for resolving iPhone Screen Glitch

1. Restart or power down your iPhone

If your iPhone experiences a problem such as glitching, restarting it is the safest option if the iPhone screen is still in contact. If it isn’t, you won’t be able to turn off your iPhone. To manually turn off your phone;

• Open Settings and then select “General.”

• Scroll down and hit the “Shutdown” button.

• Finally, move the button to turn off the device.

2. Perform a factory reset on your iPhone

If the first technique didn’t work, a hard reset is another safe option if you have problems with your iPhone. Please follow the instructions below to reset your iPhone, depending on its model and version. However, before you reset your device, ensure sure you have backed up your data on another device.

iPhone 8 and later models

• Quickly press, hold and release the Volume Up button.

• After pushing the Volume down button, quickly release it.

• Finally, long-press the Side button. Wait for the Apple logo to display.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

By pressing the Volume Down and On/Off buttons together, you can turn off the device then wait for the Apple logo to show.

iPhone 6 and Previous Versions

Long-press both the Home and Power keys simultaneously and wait for the Apple logo to appear.

3. Exit or uninstall the problematic application

Assume you downloaded an odd app, and your screen began to glitch. Remove or uninstall it because ignoring it may result in a more severe problem. Simply long-press the application on the Home page to uninstall it. And then click the Remove button.

4. Use AceThinker Fone Keeper to repair an iPhone screen glitch

Acethinker iOS System Recovery is a powerful software tool that can repair over 50 iPhone systems and screen issues. It resolves several difficulties such as screen glitching, iPhone stuck on charging screen, and many more. It does not necessitate a deep understanding and is simple to use. Even if you have no prior understanding of the application, you can rapidly resolve issues with screen glitches. It is user-friendly because the steps are clearly marked. It even includes two unique modes for repairing glitches (Standard and Advanced Mode). Download and install Fone Keeper on your computer, either Windows or Mac OS, to take advantage of its unique function. And then follow the instructions outlined below.

Distinctive Feature: It enables consumers to resolve their issues with iPhone screen glitches without losing any essential data.

Supported Devices: You may repair many issues on your iOS devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Final thoughts

If you’re always searching for things like “my phone is glitching” and “glitching iPhone screen” online, you’ll understand how inconvenient it is to have a device that isn’t working correctly. While the iPhone is a fantastic device, it is not without flaws, and it, like any other gadget, can experience faults and malfunctions from time to time.

The good thing is, if your phone is glitching, you still have options. You can do several actions on your own to repair your iPhone, and several of these alternatives have already been mentioned. If you believe the situation deserves a more professional touch, you might alternatively seek assistance from an Apple staff at your local store.

There is a possibility of you being eligible for a free repair depending on the extent of the glitching. If mending your smartphone isn’t an option, at least you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you can sell your glitchy iPhone. It’s money spent on a new device with (hopefully) fewer problems.

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