Hootsuite vs Later Comparison

Hootsuite vs Later – What is the right scheduling option?

If you have been using social media for a long time and are actively posting in your feed, you know the struggle of chasing the peak hour.

Having to wait until all your follower’s active hours just so you get the most engagement. Miss the hour and your post’s performance drops drastically. We have all had our share of war with the algorithm.

This is especially true if you have a business page, and you want to generate sales or get leads through social media marketing. Your analytics page becomes your daily newspaper.

Your target is to post daily at peak hours with your set of branded hashtags, so your post does not get lost in the ever-refreshing feed.

There are various challenges you may face while trying to achieve the standard brand posting time. While you are getting your captions and all the hashtags and your tags ready, you miss the peak hour.

You must go back and forth from other apps to just copy and paste the set of company hashtags. You have only a tiny window of the “perfect” posting time to get the post up in various social media apps.

A simple thing as posting a picture can become a marketing nightmare. Often, we wish we could hire someone just for the posting task, someone who is prompt to post everywhere at the exact time we want.

But hiring someone just for that may not be cost-effective for your business and most of us may not have a multi-million-dollar enterprise that has the specialists and the team for each platform. But that doesn’t mean you have to continue with your social media struggles. Apps like Hootsuite and Later are just the thing you have been looking for.

Social Media Management apps help you plan all your posts for the days to come and plan them down to every minute.

Post scheduling apps like Hootsuite and Later help you achieve your peak hour posting pattern. And maintain your brand’s communication throughout the channels by assisting you in planning for captions and hashtags.

But which app is the best for your brand? To help you decide, we will discuss how the top two apps i.e., Hootsuite and Later operate, and what pros and cons they have. By the end of this, you will find your social media assistant.

Hootsuite vs Later


If you are looking for a cost-effective social media management app, Later would be the choice for you with its $15/Month which is less than half compared to the $49/Month package by Hootsuite.

Hootsuite has different plans available for different business needs at staggering price points. The only edge Hootsuite has with its package is that it offers a month of the free trial which we cannot find in Later’s Premium offering.

So, if you want to experience what gives the price difference, the free trial is the way to go. Your choice will also depend on your budget and how much you are willing to spend on features for social media management.

Onboarding Process

Since Hootsuite is for free a months’ trial while getting started with its services you will be asked to provide your card details as you need to get into a payment plan. Onboarding with Later is much quicker as you don’t have to go through a billing process to start using it.

Beyond the price, let’s see how these apps compare in terms of specific platform scheduling:

Facebook Scheduling

Both apps provide a post scheduler for business pages on Facebook. Here Hootsuite takes the cake by giving the extra service of scheduling posts for groups as well.


While both the apps provide Twitter marketing automation, Later will not allow you to tweet just a link. This could be a challenge if you have all sorts of content and want the freedom to post any format you require.

LinkedIn and Youtube

If you are looking for an app that can help you schedule posts even on LinkedIn or on YouTube, Hootsuite would be the better choice here.

The Later app is compatible with these apps but is fairly new to the game. They have only recently introduced apps like LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok. They are yet to announce YouTube.

On the other hand, Hootsuite has been helping users target these apps and have more advanced and experienced services. You will only be able to schedule videos through the Hootsuite app for now.

With the integration of all these social media platforms, Hootsuite offers a much wider range of packages. It goes to show why the app is priced on the higher side.

In-sync social media posting

If your content strategy requires you to post on all your social media at once so that the information being delivered throughout your channels is consistent. Hootsuite will be able to help you with that. This app helps you maintain a unified social media presence.

User Interface

The overall user experience doesn’t only depend on the services provided, the UI plays a huge role in how you experience any app. And whether you get used to navigating through it or not.

Later has an easy-to-access modern-looking interface. Its strength lies in its appealing and straightforward design which is easily adaptable by many users. Hootsuite on the other hand is not as simple as Later.

It takes a little getting used to as they offer so many services targeted to scheduling in various apps. This compatibility with many apps means there is too much going on in the display and that can be confusing at the onset of a user’s time with Hootsuite.

Other features that Hootsuite and Later offer

To be able to decide which app you want to go forward with, you should know all the types of features they provide, here we have listed a few more of the in-depth features each app offers to its users. 


●      Later has a bio-link tool that helps you design landing pages to target your followers to the links you want. This feature is called Linkin.bio. This is not seen in Hootsuite.

●      You can store and use captions for later, using Later.


●      You can add social media ads and track your campaigns on Hootsuite.

●      You can target your audience using Hootsuite.

●      Hootsuite provides the ability to view all the metrics in one place.

With all these features and services each of the apps provide at a different price point. You can make your decision based on what your company’s need is and how big of a budget you are willing to provide for social media marketing.

You now know both Hootsuite’s and Later’s strengths and weaknesses. So, the decisions should be an easy one for you. The decision on which app is the best for a company comes down to its needs and on which social media apps are critical to the business model.

The choice is not the same for everyone so we can’t pinpoint a winner for this analysis. Later wins at price and User Interface while Hootsuite excels at the range of services provided and cross-app scheduling features.

But we can recommend that you get started with Later and then you can consider getting a Hootsuite subscription if you feel your needs are not being met. Whichever app you decide to take along with your brand’s journey, one thing is for sure. Your social media campaigns are going to be on point!

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