Bounce Alerts Review and Alternatives

Bounce Alert is a community that supports a little computer script that does things faster than a human would do.

Let’s say it takes you five to 10 minutes to go to the seller’s website and make it all the way to check out, but a computer program, referred to as a bot, will do these steps in a fraction of that time, and it can do it as many times as you want. 

If you have not heard about Bounce Alerts, then you would be among millions of consumers who do not know how this little trick is taking popular and limited edition products right off the shelf the minute they launch, leaving consumers with messages that whatever store they are trying to buy their product from has just run out of stock.

And no, this is not a fake message, the sales are real, and real money is paid for these products. It’s all real. 

What is Bounce Alerts and how does it work? 

A group of people use a computer script in order to buy newly released retail products or exclusive/scarce products.

Once the product is sold out on the retailers’ webstore, consumers can no longer find it. Then, the members of the group will list the goods on websites like eBay at a higher price and will profit from the price difference. 

This can be slightly complicated for even those with some technical knowledge. That is where groups like Bounce Alerts come in. You can subscribe to Bounce Alerts with their monthly payment plan, and create an account with them.

This is a Discord-based group, so most of the activity happens there. They provide their customers (scrapers/resellers group) a script or a piece of software, which automatically runs multiple consecutive tasks such as: creating a new account on the merchant website, login, adding payment details and finally clicking on the action button to purchase the item.

You, as a user, would feed account details with multiple profiles before starting. The developers know which links to use and also the necessary page elements of the merchant website.

It can get a bit technical and complicated, and that is exactly why you would need a constant team of software developers that can update the script whenever a merchant website gets updated. It is for this working solution that you would pay Bounce Alerts.

The legality of this kind of flipping is kind of hazy. Companies and consumers believe this kind of flipping to be unethical. Regardless of the ethics of it, this is one way you can flip some newly launched or limited edition products and make some money for yourself.

One user comments on Reddit- “Bounce Alerts is pretty good, I would say. You get your money’s worth with all the jigs they have.”

If you know what you’re doing, it can be that simple. The trick is that whatever bot you use needs to be sufficiently supported by the group making and selling the bot. You would want to know if they are good at providing support when you need it.

Bounce Alerts as a service

Bounce Alerts claim that they are not just a usual cook group, a term used to refer to a community that helps people get better at reselling, and improve botting performance. 

Bounce Alerts positions itself as a professional shopping assistant that takes all responsibility. Bounce Alerts monitors more than 85 online stores all over the globe. Offers group buys for the most coveted sneaker software and grants good discounts on accounts and proxies.

Bounce Alerts is based on Discord, so you do not need to have an advanced computer to use the group. You may download the messenger on your smartphone and always stay tuned.

The price for using Bounce Alerts is $35/month. This can seem quite expensive at first, but you’re not just buying the bot, but also professional support and advanced tips for that price. 

At the moment, the group is sold out, so you’d have to sign up for their waiting list to make it into the exclusive Discord server in which they provide information and guidance on various ways to make a profit and create your own business, primarily through reselling highly demanded goods.

What else can I do with Bounce Alerts?

Bounce Alerts can help you with a few money-making ways. They keep up with retail trends to

To identify items that you can flip. They have a restock monitor to ensure that you have early access to the goods. They have a section dedicated to Sports Cards and Trading Cards as well. Their Card Flipping section covers both Sports Cards and Trading Cards.

This is where the community comes in, the long-time collectors provide information about quick flips on sealed packs and long-term investment opportunities on specific cards.

You can find unique ways to make money through discounts, deals, and promotions on various websites through Bounce Alerts. They have support for people getting started with Amazon FBA. And of course, there is bot support.

Does Bounce Alerts work for sure?

Well, Bounce Alerts is not popular and sold out for no reason. It works. Last year Bounce Alerts got bad press during the launch of RTX 3080 Game Card. According to a tweeted image, the bot assisted one reseller in obtaining 42 units of the RTX 3080 from Nvidia’s website before it ran out of stock.

One Reddit user shared a video of himself attempting to buy the merchandise at 6 a.m., when sales began, only to have the online page instantaneously change to “Out of Stock.” Nvidia apologized to gamers who struggled and failed to buy the RTX 3080 graphics card on launch day. And promised more stock is on the way. 

Following this quick purchase, allegedly from Bounce Alerts bots, the cards were sold at a higher price on other ecommerce websites. Another Reddit user commented, “I don’t think I’ll be able to get a good card without bots at this point.”  This is a testimony that Bounce Alerts works. 

Bounce Alerts Alternatives

If you’re interested in orchestrating such lowkey flips, then you should make sure your name is on the Bounce Alert waitlist. There are however other groups that can help you get your own ‘shopping solution’. 


Malice can also help you find bots to do your flipping. They have a lot of information in their community chat and it can be helpful for anyone getting started. Malice is known for exclusive auctions, selling/botting tools, grading guidance, Amazon Ungating, FBA Leads, and business creation tools.

Site Supply

Site supply also has a Discord group for everything you would need to get started. Site Supply will give you access to resources exclusively offered to their paying members. They are known for securing PC consoles, sneakers, collectibles, among other things. 


AIO Bot V2 is the best sneaker bot to cop limited-edition sneakers automatically. It’s fast, efficient and user-friendly. You can use it to increase your chances on 200+ retail websites.


These bots have been around for some time and they focus on sneakers. They are popular names in the list of sneaker bots. You can easily find online releases from sellers like Shopify, Adidas, YeezySupply, Supreme and others.

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